Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Just a bit of fun

Philly goes back to Pontypridd today to start her second year at uni - it's now called The University of South Wales and this year she is the University Officer for Sport. She'll be so busy doing her studies, job and volunteer work for RCT Council but she enjoys it.

This year she is sharing a house wit four boys - I have stitched them a door plaque each which I have laminated so they can write messages on for each other hee hee. I used Mr Men designs and did their initial rather than character, although two are phonic ( 'appy for Adam and fun for Philly)

It was a rush but I finished laminating at 12.30 last night - just need to wrap them. I have a dry marker each for them, some blue tak and cleaning wipes - hope they like them

I made a batch of cookies too just to get them going :-) Students love homemade goodies - well anything they haven't cooked really.


  1. They are fab,you are so kind

  2. Hello Clare,

    What a great idea. I bet they will love your home cooking.
    Best wishes to your daughter with her studies.

    Happy days.

  3. They are great and such a good idea.

  4. What a good idea!
    I'm always putting together food parcels for Eloise too


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