Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Blessings & Blog Hop

Happy Easter to you and all your family :)

I am taking part in Jo's Treasure Hunt Blog Hop this Easter - pop along to her blog to start hunting and hopping.
My Easter photo is April in the Drawn Thread calendar series

My letter is .......   O

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So my Easter news - it's a mixed day today as it's two years since Dad passed away - I've had a difficult two weeks both with my health and losing a close friend, but hopefully Easter weekend will be a turning point. We always took Dad away at Easter, when the children were younger to various parts of the UK and in later years to the caravan.

Easter Sunday outside the pub inn Wales
with a glass of whisky

I have been stitching but not much - I made a small ornament for Barb who looks after the Parlour at Needlecraft Haven. She kindly forwarded some charts to me so this was a little thank you gift by return (and yes I did keep to Stitch from Stash)

The parlour for Barb
And I have a HD - it's been a while but my Round Robin from 2012 is finally finished - thanks to Julie and Mr Stick for the weekend encouragement and to Dusty, Lynn, Tina, Jaclyn and Julie for your stitching on my RR.

Angle blessings
(a quick photo - it needs an iron and maybe a wash)
I have put together our Easter mantle, although I know there will be more to add. The branch from my Nan's tree is still ok from a year in the shed and we've already had three lovely cards.

Easter Mantle

The garden is also starting to bloom - the pixie clematis always flowers for Easter no matter when it falls. My herb pot is coming back to life so long a Ruby stops pinching the herbs :)

Pixie clematis
I used some rosemary in our lamb dinner last night -  lamb for Passover and to accompany it the lovely Trivento Malbec as yesterday was World Malbec Day

Lamb dinner with Trivento Wine
I have started a new forum for wine lovers - similar to Needlecraft Haven but it's all about wine :) Cuvée Reserve is free to join - you just need a Yuku account :)

Have a great Easter - don't overdo the chocolate - thank you for hopping by !!


  1. Happy Easter, may it be full of happy moments and good memories. The Parlour is a fun cross stitch. x

  2. Great stitching Clare and your garden looks lovely. Mine is an overgrown wilderness!
    Happy Easter to you

  3. I saw your Parlour gift. It is great. I am sorry you are down. Easter will brighten your spirits. Your pixie clematis is awesome. Happy Easter!

  4. Thanks for taking part.

    I do like a seasonal series and this is no exception. It looks good on the little easel on your mantlepiece too. Very nice display.

  5. Wonderful pictures. It is always hard to loose someone around a holiday...thoughts are with you and I do hope this is a turning point for you.

  6. Beautiful April piece! Your pixie clematis is just fun that it always blooms for Easter! Hope you have a happy one!

  7. Beautiful stitching. Love being a part of the Easter Blog Hop. Hope your Easter is a blessed one.

  8. Love your stitching... Smiles and Happy Easter :)

  9. Love the April piece. Sorry to hear you're feeling down.

  10. A lovely Easter themed mantelpiece, Clare.

  11. Sorry to hear this is a time of mixed blessings: the good thing about blog hops though is that they are a great way to meet and great new friends! Have a lovely Easter, with memories old but sweet and hopefully some happy new memories made xx

  12. Lovely house! Treasure your memories and enjoy making new ones. Have a Blessed Easter.

  13. What beautiful stitched projects you have and are working on!
    Sending you happy and sunshine well wishes.
    love Annette

  14. Beautiful stitching, love the post, have a happy Easter

  15. Lovely stitching. I hope you have your turning point. Happy Easter!

  16. sorry to hear that this period had mixed feeling of good and bad times.. I love your Easter mantel.. thank you for the inspiration and I wish you a happy easter ahead.. :D

  17. Love Drawn Thread designs. Your calendar is lovely. Hope you have a Blessed Easter.

  18. Happy Easter Clare. Sending you lots of hugs.

    Love the parlour piece for Barb. What a lovely idea.

    Your round robin is lovely. What a wonderful piece.

  19. A great picture for the Easter Treasure hunt. So sorry to read that you are a bit down but hopefully this Easter Sunday has been a brighter day for you.
    Congratulations on teh finished RR, it looks gorgeous.

  20. Your Easter mantle looks lovely as does the lamb dinner ....

  21. I do love your monthly DT finishes, Clare!! Are you using the suggested threads or DMC?

    I'm sure you must think of your dear father often--especially at this time of year. How nice to have those good memories of him...

    Hope your Easter was a special one :)

  22. what a lovely post, I was so caught up I forgot I ended up here for the treasure hunt.
    I hope you'll get the peace of mind and heart you need.
    all the best,


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