Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Exchange stitching

We've just had a lovely weekend at the caravan with Hubby's mum and partner and I did a little stitching but it was all for an exchange so no sharing :(

I have two exchange pieces to send off soon as the posting dates are while we're away, Both are for Needlecraft Haven - the Meet Up exchange is ready to go and I am nearly done with the Summer exchange.

All this exchange work means not only have I no pictures to share but my other stitching has not had a look in. I am hoping to make up my travel project but just before we went to Wales I planned to reline Philippa's caravan curtains. Unfortunately my machine stopped working. I had no time to look properly but maybe this week I can see what's wrong - I really would like to complete my project ready to take away later this month. Please send positive mending thoughts my way :)

The weather in Wales was lovely - we went to Barmouth on Saturday for the start of the Three Peaks Yacht Race. The town was very busy and it was quite warm in the sun. Ruby was very good - a little jumpy with the crowds but it's all good experience for her.

The yachts lined up in the harbour and at 3.30 sailed out to the start point. I'm not sure what time they were actually setting off as they were still there at 4.30 when we'd travelled round the estuary to go home, although their sails were up.

We stayed in and around Tywyn for the remainder of our short break - plenty of walking along the front, restful sitting outside in the sun, plenty of good food and wine - a perfect break.

On our way home we called at Kerry Vale Vineyard - it' s a fairly new venture that we've wanted to call at before. They have a lovely coffee shop which will be one of our stop overs if we travel that route again. We also sampled three of their wines - our first Welsh wine - and two bottles have joined our cellar at home :)

We had a lovely surprise when we arrived home - there was a large rose bush in a large pot on our patio table. The rose bush is Happy Anniversary and is from our lovely son Michael. He has given it us early as he needed transport help from my Mum (she is now away and back the day we go away). It's a beautiful red/pink with lots of buds about to bloom.

Happy Anniversary rose from Michael
Before we left I made up July - The Drawn Thread. I thought I should as we're away the end of June and it needs to be ready for the mantle. Our June mantle is quite light at the moment, our new place markers are there with my June piece but that's about all.

July - The Drawn Thread
Thanks for calling by - I'm sure I'll have some more stitching news soon and I know I'll have some holiday news but that may be posted on Aimetu's.  Hugs and wishes to all, especially those in need at the moment x x x x


  1. Sounds like you had a nice break. I didn't know there were any vineyards in Wales

  2. What a lovely post. Love the pictures - sounds like a nice trip.

  3. Oh Clare the pictures of Wales are gorgeous. I love being near the water. I am sure your stitching is lovely !!

  4. Nothing nicer than watching a boat sailing along on the sea... peaceful and calming.
    I didn't know Wales had a vineyard, that's my fact for the day learnt today lol.


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