Thursday, 20 November 2014

A quick catch up

I don't have any news really but have a few spare minutes (I'm taking it easy this week) so I thought I'd just add a little to my blog.

After chatting to my stitching friends on Saturday I decided to treat myself to two new stitching accessories - a mini magnifier and a small R & R stitching frame. They've arrived today along with some John James easy threading needles and an Anchor kit I fancied.
November treats
I'll have to practice with the magnifier as it does make my head a bit dizzy - I guess it's like getting used to new glasses.

I bought a chart from Jardin Prive for when Dusty came - I saw it an thought how appropriate so kitted it up for each of us to stitch. Unfortunately Dusty couldn't start hers here as she needs her magnifier but I stitched the two ladies  - it will be a lovely SAL to do, a reminder of the great memories of our time together.

Jardin Prive - friendship is made

My start whilst Dusty was here
I'm busy working on the Needlecraft Haven Christmas Ornament exchange - hopefully I will be finished tonight. I can then finish it and finish October's Monthly Challenge. It will be time to stitch November's Challenge then and see if I can get my December Drawn Thread done too.

My stitching was going great guns at the start of the year but definitely slowed down. Next year I am not doing as many exchanges, either stitching or organising, nor am I doing a Round Robin. I'll still be doing the monthly challenge but I'd like to have a year of finishing as I have quite a few stitched pieces that I have yet to finish up.

Thanks for popping by and reading my little catch up, your comments are always appreciated, thank you :)  


  1. Nice to read your catch up post. Take it easy now Clare. x

  2. Oh the photo of the chart you bought didn't show up! I'm sure it's lovely though, sorry you both couldn't make a start.

    I'm sure you will find stitching with a magnifier and a frame so much better, once you get used to the magnifier you will wonder how you ever got on without it!

    Hope you are getting plenty of rest, take care xx

  3. Hello Clare,

    It is always good to treat ourselves. Yes getting used to glasses and magnifiers takes some adjustment. Have fun stitching the love birds.

    Happy days.

  4. I've correctly the picture Maggie - thanks for letting me know ;)

  5. Lovely new start Clare. I'm playing catch up on my stitching too

  6. I have the Jardin Prive hanging in my conservatory, Barb stitched it for me, its a beautiful design and so apt for you and Dusty.

    Always nice to have a little parcel to open that drops on the doormat, nice little kit you chose.

  7. It doesn't take too long to get used to working with a magnifier, so needed when you're working over one.
    Love the Jardin Privee chart.


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