Monday, 15 December 2014

10 days until Christmas

We've had The Round Table (charity collection) round tonight with Santa on his sleigh all lit up, music playing. His visit every year makes the start of Christmas for me - I just love to see him on his sleigh.

Our decorations have been up a while - earlier than ever before. I have finished shopping and wrapping - earlier than ever before too hee hee. Our tree this year is in the lounge ad we can again safely put gifts underneath it. I have my usual snowmen on the mantle and mistletoe in our hall, visitors you have been warned.

Our tree filled with ornaments 
Our Christmas mantle
'I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus'
I have some cooking to do but nothing much until nearer Christmas Day - we will be 8 for Christmas Dinner but we're out on Boxing Day so I don't need to do party stuff.

I have finished my monthly challenge from Needlecraft Haven ... for November !! A little late but I have also finished the one for December but I can't share that one just yet.

November Christmas Ornament
and I have finally been stitching on my Santa Village table cloth - I knew it had been a while but when I check it was early September when I last did any work on it. My rotation has completely stopped and consequently my stitching has been very slow. I definitely stitch more when using a rotation plan. Here's my progress on CCN Santa's Sleighworks.

Sleigh progress
I hope all your festive plans are going well - remember though it is just one day and gifts are given for love/friendship not value or cost. Take time to enjoy getting everything ready, there's nothing better than a coffee break surrounded by wrapping, ribbon and tinsel.

Merry Christmas everyone x x


  1. Clare, the decorations look lovely !! Wish I was there to pop in for the festivities.have a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year !!

  2. Hello Clare,

    You sound very relaxed with Christmas, think this is the way it should be. Your stitching rotation sounds like it works for you. Merry Christmas.


  3. Christine posted by it disappeared - here's a copy (sorry Christine)

    Lovely decorations Clare, and a great finish on the November challenge

  4. Lovely tree and mantle Clare, I will miss my mantle decoration this year.

    Sounds like you are all set for Christmas, have a lovely time xx

  5. The tree and mantle look super. A nice finish to the Nov ornament too. I must start the Dec one .... too busy this week...I'm like the white rabbit lol

  6. Love your little ornament finish! Wishing you a lovely Christmas time x

  7. Sounds as if you are all on the downwd spiral towards the big day.

  8. You already seem to be well prepared for Christmas. Wonderful decoration.

  9. Your decorations are beautiful Clare. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Your Christmas decorations look lovely, Clare.


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