Thursday, 5 February 2015

Meet Up Exchange Opening Time

Last November the members of Needlecraft Haven had our autumn meet up - it was a lovely day, as these meet ups always are. You can read about it here.

At the meet ups we always have a secret exchange - we all write our names and addresses on a card along with the answers to three questions. This time the questions were to do with favourite colours, flowers and cakes. The cards are mixed up and we all chose one at random. The exchange this time was to stitch a bookmark for the person whose card you picked, it had to have their name on and be linked to the things they had written on the card.

I picked Kate's card - her colours were lilac and green, her flower was freesia and her favourite cakes were macaroon. Using a free online chart I stitched this for Kate - it's backed with green felt and I used the same threads to make the fringe.

Kate's bookmark
A few goodies added for the exchange parcel 
My card was picked by Julie - she had picked me last spring too but did a swap so this was actually the first time she had stitched for me. I had put roses as my flower and Julie stitched this beautiful bookmark.
My bookmark from Julie

So that is one January stitch that's been revealed - the next one is the Valentine's exchange so not long to wait. I have received my parcel today and have put it away safe so I don't peep, it's very tempting though.

I have completed my October piece from The Drawn Thread. Using my rotation and stitching with the UFO ladies from Needlework Haven at the weekend it hasn't taken too long to finish. Now I have my November piece to work on.

October - The Drawn Thread
Yesterday I visited the Heart of England shopping village with a friend. It's a lovely place with little shops full of clothes, household bits and cooking items. We had a lovely lunch and I bought some primula for my hanging pots. I do need to re-pot them but it's too cold at the moment. They do look so bright and cheerful.

New flowers in my hanging pots
Thanks for calling by, we've had a little snow, I hope your weather is not too severe, stay safe :)


  1. What a sweet bookmark exchange.
    Primula in pots! So pretty. Frozen here. Lots and lots of snow.

  2. Very sweet bookmarks. I like the pots on the fence, very cute.

  3. Love your October stitching, this is a lovely design.
    Great bookmark exchange too!

  4. What a great idea for a bookmark exchange with the recipients preferences!

    Congrats on the great finish!

  5. I love my bookmark Clare, thanks again.

  6. Lovely bookmarks Clare. I love your hanging pots, they're so cheerful

  7. Lovely bookmarks, both sent and received.
    Love the October finish and your pots look very cheerful :-)

  8. OH great, two beautiful bookmarks in this exchange. I love stitched bookmarks and have a couple of them in my bookmark box.And whenever I start a new book I choose a new bookmark from my box. That's fun. And ohhhh, I can see Maltesers on your picture, just seeing the package makes me want to eat some, lol.

  9. Two lovely bookmarks, great exchange.

    I love the Drawn Thread design too. I am a big fan of monthly series of designs.

  10. I just love seeing your monthly Drawn Thread finishes, Clare!! And what great bookmarks--both given and received :)

  11. You stitched a great design for Kate.
    Love those bright and cheerful flower pots.

  12. Lovely bookmarks, both sent and received. Your Drawn Thread monthly series is progressing well.


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