Sunday, 1 March 2015

St David's Day

The 1st March is St David's Day - the patron saint of Wales. His emblems are daffodils and leeks, so I have a jug of daffodils on the sideboard and we've leeks with dinner. Being a Welsh celebration most people have lamb but we're having chicken - although I might make a few Welsh Cakes after watching the rugby on tv.
St David's Day daffodils
and as it's a new month it's time to change my Drawn Thread mantle piece. I love having these to change each month, they are gorgeous designs.

The Drawn Thread - March
This morning Hubby and I took a walk around Bosworth Battle Field - I have felt unwell since Wednesday and the fresh air helped although now I'm having a sofa afternoon. I have a feeling my MS has flared up after all the excitement of our daughter's birthday, a few more days rest should have my arms and legs back to normal.

Bosworth Battle Field is where King Richard III lost his crown to Henry Tudor. King Richard's remains were discovered in Leicester a few years ago and this year he will have a reburial at Leicester Cathedral. The website has so much detail, in, there's lots happening - we are very excited as my step-dad Keith has been invited to be at the Cathedral on 26th March for the reburial - even more exciting as it's Keith's birthday. The burial procession is going all around the villages near us on Sunday 22nd March.

King Richard III -

After 4 weeks my exchange gift to Deb in USA has finally arrived. This was for Needlecraft Haven Sweet Feet Valentine's Exchange. The exchange was to stitch a card, send a pair of socks with threads to match. I was so pleased with my card - I stitched the hearts on perforated paper and hung them in the card opening so Deb could detach them and use as an ornament. I was so sad when they hadn't arrived and was just about to stitch again when they were delivered.

My Valentine's card for Deb
Sweet Feet Valentine's Exchange for Deb
 Wishing you all a very happy St David's Day - spring is on it's way, thank you for calling by x x x


  1. Oh, dear - so sorry to hear your MS may have flared up. Hope the sofa day is just what you need to rebound. Love your stitching - and the background on St. David's Day. How interesting! I'm very intrigued by the Tudors - I'll pop over to the site and have a look-see.
    Take care!!

  2. Hope you feel better after a few more days rest Clare.

    Glad your exchange finally arrived, it's beautiful and would have been a shame if it had gone missing.

    Have a good week xx

  3. This DT series is really beautiful and I love the way how you display it. Looking great with the daffodils.
    I hope that you will soon feel a lot better.

  4. beautiful finish ♥

  5. Lovely gifts and card for Deb, so happy they arrived safely! Daffodils are my favourite flowers. Sorry to hear you're unwell. Hope you're on top of things soon.

  6. Hope you feel better soon Clare
    Lovely exchange gift, I'm glad it got there eventually

  7. It will be DS's birthday the day of the procession into the cathedral. How wonderful Keith has been invited to be there on his special day too.

    The DT looks wonderful with your daffs.

    Great news your exchange finally arrived...hooray!!! The heart card is very pretty, clever idea.

    Hope you are feeling a little better {hugs} x

  8. I hope you feel alot better soon, Clare. It was a lovely exchange you sent Deb.

  9. Hello Clare,

    What an interesting post with all the information, always good to learn something new. I do hope you are feeling much better now, it must be hard at times when your MS lets you know it is there. What a fun idea to match the thread with a pair of socks so useful too. Have a happy day Clare.


  10. So glad your exchange finally arrived with Deb. it is very pretty.

    Hope you are feeling much better now.

  11. Hope you are feeling better by now.

    I love the Drawn Thread piece and the idea of displaying a different one per month.
    The hearts in the card are a great idea too.


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