Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Stitch from Stash April Report

We've been away for the weekend and I have just squeezed in my report. However there's not much to say as my needle seems to have been a little slow, hopefully it will speed up in May.

My budget carried forward from March is: £133.10

Month: April
Spent: £12.12
Earned: £8 

My budget carried forward to April is: £153.98

My spend was on a secret chart that I will not be able to share until the summer - however it is the prize in a competition I'm announcing on May 1st :)

My other stitching has been very slow, maybe because we've had Easter away at the caravan and also a weekend in France (you can read about it on my other blog - Aimetu's) Anyway here's my updates:

Earth's Sampler - The Primitive Needle. I'm really enjoying stitching on this, for some reason the photo looks pink but i'm stitching on 32ct Jobelan Ivory. The chart uses The Gentle Art threads but I have converted to DMC, some look ok but some look quite different, but I'm not changing as I am loving the design and it's great to stitch.

Earth's Sampler
I've been working on The Drawn Thread, December but have run out of 934. Of course my stash has 935 and 936 (some even two skeins) but no 934 so next tie I'm in town I'll have to pop into the art shop. I wish I had thought about it when I ordered my secret chart as I added some threads to the order and it would have been cheaper. It's not worth the postage for under 5 threads so I pop into town and pay a bit more. Saying that I managed to finish the walls :) 

December - The Drawn Thread
I've had three finishes to claim this month but I have yet to actually finish the up - once December is finished I'm have a make up day as I will have three Drawn Thread pieces and theses three ornaments. 

Joy is my first ornament for my church tree - my theme this year is Joy to the World, there's more information on my GFG post here. Thank you to those who have pledged stitching :) I earned £4 on this finish.

My first ornie for my church tree
I have stitched the last two Monthly Challenges on Needlecraft Haven, although again they are not made up. March was a Santa scene from Kissy Cross and April a cute snowman from Balades et Broderies. I earned £2 for each of these finishes.
March Monthly Challenge
April Monthly Challenge
I am hoping to have flying needles in May as I seem to have fallen a little behind. I haven't been keeping my stitching diary (on paper or online) up to date so this post took a little longer than I though it would. It's very easy to start the year full of enthusiasm with great plans and ideas but things waiver as the months go on, I notice this too on the two forums I host, Needlecraft Haven and Cuvée Reserve although there are many posts and sharing. 

Thanks for calling by to read my SFS15 April catch up - I hope you've all had a good April :) 


  1. Lovely work - get those flying needles going!!

  2. Great stitching Clare. I love the little whale on the earth sampler

  3. You have a healthy budget for your SFS.
    The last two challenge designs have been fun stitches, looking forward to seeing how you make up yours.

  4. Well done on another successful budget month. Love all your finishes.

  5. You've had several lovely finishes! Congratulations!

    I'm awful I hate running out of DMC so when I need a colour or I've run out I buy 3 skiens at a time. That way I'm good for awhile or if down the road I need more than one skien for a project.

  6. Beutiful stitching! Congrats on your SFS!

  7. Great progress and stitching Clare :-)

    Another successful SFS month, I just didn't have the time to make the deadline for Aprils's report, but i'm sticking to it .at least

  8. Well done in sticking to budget this month.
    Earth Sampler is looking great, as is your little house.
    I've been adding all my threads to my new inventory app which hopefully will help keep track!
    I got out the JCS CDs to look for JOY ornies. There are so many! I found the perfect one but then noticed it is full of lazy daisies which are my worst stitch!

  9. Lovely stitching Clare. You have been busy.

    Well done on SFS.

  10. Good SFS report! And Earth's Sampler is coming along nicely... and it certainly is NOT pink! I remember!! That Joy ornament is on my list for this year. I stitched it before, but gave it away, and I really like it... so it's for me next time! Hugs!

  11. Well done on the challenge. And wow, so many little finishes. They all look really great.

    I also know that feeling when time progresses and some of my plans that I made at the beginning of the year start to weaken and other things are taking over. BUt well, that's how it goes. And it's OK.


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