Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stitch from Stash October Report

I really enjoy doing SFS15 with Mel - if you have not heard of it before it's a great way to use up fabric, threads and charts and of course save a few pennies. You can find details on Mel's blog, hopefully it will be running in 2016 too.

My budget start for October is :£95.33
Month: October
Spent: £2.10
Earned: £8.00

My budget at the end of August is: £126.23
My spend was on two little bluebird buttons to finish my latest gift. I have not included framing in any of my SFS15 budget.

My final large gift project for this year was completed yesterday morning - which was quite fortuitous as you'll see ... it's a Lizzie Kate design and I used DMC thread to stitch it, although I did change the fence colour to a lighter grey (318) than suggested. I earned £8 on this finish.

Wedding Gift for Kat & Steven
I do hope our friends like it - we certainly enjoyed their evening reception in an amazing location. Kat looked lovely and everyone was having an amazing time both inside dancing and outside with sparklers.

So now I can concentrate on my Joy ornaments for my church tree. Thank you so much to Sally and Sally for sending me some beautiful ornaments - I'll be sharing them in my November Gifted Gorgeousness post.

So now to raid my stash for bits of fabric, threads, finishing items and to look online and in my chart folders for some freebie designs.

Thanks for calling by - I hope you've all had a successful stash using month too.


  1. Beautiful Lizzie Kate finish.
    Make a lovely memory of their special day.

  2. Ooh that is so pretty! Nicely framed too! Hope the recipients like it! I am ready to start stitching for Christmas too! Have LOTS of freebies, plus a fair share of charts in my stash! Decisions, decisions! Thanks for sharing your pretty stitching!

  3. Beautiful present Clare, looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes

  4. Hello Claire,

    What a lovely gift for your friends, the frame really sets it off. Enjoy your Christmas stitching.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  5. What a lovely finish Clare.
    The first time I read your sfs report I read it as £210, now those would be some expensive buttons!

  6. Beautiful gift!

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