Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 - a good start

A new year begins and as with most people is full enthusiasm, plans and projects. My new year is no different: my enthusiasm for stitching has returned: I have many plans and quite a few on going projects :-)

I've started the year with two great finishes - I've been stitching my Jardin Privé Winter Tree for the Four Seasons SAL 2015. I stitched in as a UFO with Needlecraft Haven - every weekend our lovely member Julie and her helpful friend Mr Stick encourages us to work on our UFO projects. I'm so pleased to have finished this, my next UFO will be the Autumn Tree from the same series.

Winter Tree - Jardin Privé
My other finish is a Christmas ornament - another freebie, this time from Lizzie Kate. Every year end I stitch an ornament and fill it with all my orts from the year. I didn't think I had many so chose a small design - all I'll say is it's well stuffed!!

I collect my orts in my little pot in my needlebox and when it's full move them to my bon bon jar. I think this year I'll check how full it is before choosing my design.

My bon bon jar filled with my 2015 orts 
And here's my ornament - for the first time I did a gathered edging, stitching it in the seam instead of adding it to the edge afterwards. It's taken most of the afternoon to gather and stitch but I am really pleased with it.

My Christmas ornament filled with my 2015 orts
I have a couple of other pieces on the go including this month's Challenge on Needlecraft Haven. I have also joined a mystery SAL - Mabel Figworthy's Round in Circles.

It's Hardanger SAL and whilst I can do Hardanger and have designed a few pieces of my own I am self taught and have decided to approach this SAL as a beginner taking care to follow each step exactly. So much so I have ordered new needles in all required sizes so I can use the right one for the right thread - something I don't always do :-/

I hope you have all had a good start to 2016, wishing you all a great stitching year :-)

I noticed this morning that I had missed attaching the charm I had - too busy doing the gathering :-) I've managed to add it on :-) 

Charm added 


  1. Two wonderful finishes Clare, I'm looking forward to seeing your hardanger SAL grow.

  2. I like your finishes, Clare and I look forward to seeing your finishes from the Hardanger SAL

  3. Two beautiful finishes - and actually finished as well! You are definitely off to a great start. I love the frame for Winter Tree - could I ask where you bought it? I have a stitched piece that would look lovely in something similar.

  4. The frame was from Asda last year - I have Autumn to do then I'll have all four seasons and will be changing them accordingly :-).

  5. Great start to the stitching year Clare. x

  6. I very much like the gathered ribbon edge.

  7. These are so sweet. Love both of them - the gathered ribbon really enhances your ornament.

  8. Lovely finishes! The gathered ribbon is very cute.

  9. Lovely finishes Clare, I like the gathered ribbon edging

  10. Your little ornament filled with the arts of 2015 looks so nice. And what a wonderful idea to use that ribbon with birds for the edging. I have to keep that in mind, it looks fantastic.
    And you have a nice winter finish as well. I love everything seasonal and have these four tree freebies in my stash as well. I should start to stitch them this year.
    Have a great 2016 and I hope that your stitching mojo will stay with you.

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  12. I started stitching my Sampler au Bouquet by Jardin Prive for the New Year. I love her designs. Your Winter Tree is really pretty, and I love that frame! What a great idea to stitch a small and stuff it with orts! I have quite a bit of orts, and am going to find just the right small to stitch this week! LOVE how you finished it with the birdies ribbon! Perfect! Hugs!

  13. You've made a great start to the year so far. I love the Jardin Prive trees, they've been on my list for ages.
    I like the riffled trim to the ornie too.

  14. Clare!!! I just saw you in Cross Stitch Collection as the featured blogger. Huge congrats!! :)

    Lovely stitching as always my dear.


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