Friday, 12 August 2016

Behind and in front

I have finally finished my Joyful World .... no not September but February!!

I am so behind with this piece but hopefully it will catch up as the year goes on - it will probably be my holiday stitching for our trips away starting with this coming weekend in Wales.

My fabric is 27 count Linda light taupe stitched over one with DMC thread.

Joyful World - February

So that's my behind - my in front has left me quite overwhelmed. It's not a stitching piece but my regular blog readers, both here and Aimetu's, will know I set myself a Challenge last year on my 50th birthday.

I set up a blog just for this challenge - Clare's Challenge 50. You'll need a cuppa if you pop over as there's quite a lot of photos.

I have nearly finished so that's not my 'in front' - it's my fundraising target !!

Initially I didn't set a target as any money raised was a bonus, the Challenge is a personal one. As donations came in I decided to set £1000 as a goal ..... and last weekend my target was not only reached but has now raised even more !!!

Thank to everyone who has helped me reach this amazing amount

Thank you to everyone who has donated - my final 'leg' is on my 51st birthday - 10th September !!

Thanks for popping by 😘


  1. Hi Clare, nice stitching finish :-)

    Well done with your challenge!

  2. Most impressive Clare! Awesome!

  3. February is very sweet, what a fantastic achievement to smash your fundraising total and good luck for the final leg.

  4. Congrats on your finish of Fevrier, nice needlework. Great that you walking the marathon, and the extra money on your challenge is an extra bonus. Keep on walking and stitching. Alice Margaux.

  5. Lovely finish Clare, and well done on meeting your target

  6. You were so successful with your fundraising. Congratulations!
    Nice stitching finish, and I think there is no being behind in this SAL. We just stitch it our pace. I haven't even started it, lol.


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