Friday, 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas x x

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas !!

I have a few stitching things to share in my final post before Christmas, a couple of Christmas ornaments, a special gift and a little bit of cooking.

Both these ornaments made their way south to London, one to our very good wine friends and the other to my favourite tv weathernan for his girls (I thought Fa la la just perfect for them)

The special gift is for my Dad's cousin who is coming for a Christmas Afternoon Tea later today. She is always admiring my stitching so I've stitched a coaster for her for Christmas - Just Nan's Amongst the Roses.

Finally a few Christmas pudding chocolates I made for our scout leaders party, they are very sweet so you only need small ones but so delicious. They are very simple to make:

  1. crumble up Christmas Cake
  2. mix in some melted white chocolate to form a dough (you don't need much)
  3. roll into balls and chill
  4. dip into melted chocolate
  5. leave to set in the fridge
  6. roll white icing
  7. use a flower cutter for icing effect 
  8. roll out green icing
  9. use a holly leave cutter for leaves
  10. attach to balls with edible glue
  11. add silver balls 

 Merry Christmas to you all - enjoy all the festivities and time with friends and family. 


  1. What wonderful gifts you have created Clare. I especially like the coaster for your Dad's cousin, as I know she will also. Lovely. So very nice when you know the recipient appreciates your work. Merry, Blessed Christmas!

  2. Beautiful stitching Clare!
    Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time. I'm sure your lovely gifts will be well received.

  4. A very happy Christmas to you and yours Clare. Lovely stitching to admire as always.

  5. Oh Clare, these ornaments and the coaster are such wonderful gifts. The recipients must've been so pleased with them.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!


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