Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Challenge

Amazingly it's the last day of February, another month that has flown by. As it's month end it was time to reveal our Monthly Christmas Challenge pieces on Needlecraft Haven. We have a new design everyone month, chosen by one of our members Christine. It's always a free online chart on the theme of Christmas, the idea being by the festive season we have twelve new ornaments.

This month's design was by Luli and is called Fairisle Hearts, two beautful designs. We could stitch one or both, I did both but in blue and white as they will make great fill in ornaments for my Winter Wonderland Tree at church. I'm hoping to stitch two a month, using perforated paper they didn't really take long so it should be easy to do.

My blue and white Fairisle Hearts 
I've also stitched another ornament for my church tree, again it's from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Magazine 2009. Another small one so again quick to stitch. I'll be have a mass make up day later in the year - it's easier to store them unfinished too.

There should have been a sheep button where I have stitched the house but as it was nearly £5 I stitched the house instead - it seemed a waste of money when it's for the church tree, I'd rather add the money to church funds.

Starry Starry Night - Elizabeth's Designs
My needle has certainly been flying these first tow months of 2017 - I've stitched 13 pieces and finished 6 of them, the most I've started a year with ever I think. You can see the full list on my 2017 finished page at the top of my blog.

Now all my Round in Circles pieces are done and we had a sunny day I washed them all and hung them our to 'drip dry'. They did look great all in a row, as you can see we don't get full sun in the winter in our garden. They've dried lovely and hopefully in March I can make a start on my finishing plans.
All in a row
Halloween has been and gone but we're still celebrating. In early November Hubby and I were shopping in Waitrose and spotted an amaryllis bulb on offer at 90p - yes just 90p. The reason was it was encased in an orange wax with a Halloween face. The box said it didn't need water or soil, just put in a light dry place and it would flower. It didn't do anything up to Christmas and we nearly threw it away but decided to leave it to see - and look what has grown !!

Beautiful amaryllis for 90p 
In it's Halloween wax holder
As it's March first tomorrow I'll be back again as it's Opening Day for Needlecraft Haven's Meet Up exchange, lots of ornament/display in the house and it's St Davids Day - see you tomorrow !!


  1. I love how you stitched those hearts! Our tree is red and white so I would stock with those colours but yours are beautiful.

  2. Oh your hearts are gorgeous in blue!! The amaryllis turned out so lovely. What a deal!

  3. Lovely challenge finishes Clare. The bargain amaryllis is beautiful

  4. Great bargain your beautful amaryllis was. Love the blue hearts, they all looked so different this month, lots of lovely finishes. Nice ornament for the church tree, shame the charm was so expensive.

  5. The hearts look lovely and the amaryllis is stunning, I'll keep an eye out for a bargain like that in our waitrose come November!

  6. A lovely finish on the hearts. The ornaments for your church tree are building up quickly.

  7. These hearts look so gorgeous and I love the thread you used for them.

  8. The two hearts are lovely. Now I've seen them both I can see why they are Fair Isle.
    I quite agree about the sheep button too!


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