Sunday, 5 March 2017

How I made my needlecase

The needlecase exchange for Needlecraft Haven members at our autumn meet up was great fun. I have not made a needlecase for a long time and decided to make a stiffened one.

It took me a few days as I was quite nervous: I did a bit then left it a while before doing another bit. After stitching the design I mounted it on card (no wadding), glued the edges down, stitched lace around the edge and stitched the ribbon for tieing.

First stage of my needlecase 
I couldn't find any cording the right size or colour so using some crochet thread I made my own and attached it around the edge of the lace and down the centre fold.

Added cording 
For the inside I cut two pieces of cream felt - one to cover the back and one to be the inner to hold the needles and pins.

Felt pieces
To hold the felt down I used blanket stitch around the large piece of felt, stitching mainly to the lace. For the inner felt I used daisy chain stitch down the centre to hold it in place and added the pins and needles.

Felt stitched in place
I love how this turned out, it was a good idea to take my time and do it in stages. My needlecase was for Gill, she loves it too.

Finished needlecase for Gill

My Exchange parcel for Gill with card and choccies 

It's always fun to arrange the meet ups for Needlecraft Haven, although it's getting harder to think of themes and ideas for the exchange.

 I love the meet up days, our next meet up is April 22nd, again in Nuneaton - our theme is 'My Favourite Place' but as yet I have no idea what to stitch for the exchange.


  1. What a gorgeous needlecase Clare! Just lovely work.

  2. Your needle case came out beautifully Clare. Thank you for sharing your steps. I have never made one before, but it is on my list of things to do. I just need to be brave enough! I love to stitch, but finishing still Ian not fun for me.

  3. You did a great job, such pretty colours and design, no wonder Gill loved it.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a lovely design, Gill is very lucky to receive such a nice gift.

  5. Lovely stitching, and a very pretty pattern, Clare!
    Great tutorial! It was good to see how you put it all together!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Barbara x

  6. A very pretty needlecase, Clare. It was interesting to read how you made yours. I haven't used card when making one so I'll keep your instructions in mind for the next time.

  7. Thank you for sharing your methods Clare, though I was a bit shocked to see the "nude" needlecase with the cereal packet showing! It came out perfectly.

  8. That is gorgeous Clare and I love the way you finished it

  9. Beautiful needlecase Clare.Love how you finished it.

  10. A great tutorial, Clare. And a wonderful needle case that you created.

  11. Thanks so much for this tutorial, your finish is so lovely!


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