Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter - enjoy today with lots of treats, time making memories and celebrating new life as we move into spring

Happy Easter
It's been very tiring and taken all morning but I have got myself
Washed and dressed, helped DH washmy hair, dried it and put a littld makeup on. I feel so much better in myself but totally drained now, I didn't appreciate before how much we use our legs (not just for walking) and how much energy is needed to lift and hitch using my arms.

Anyway another big step (metaphorical) achieved !!

Exhausted but pleased to have done so much
Today is Opening Day at Needlecraft Haven for our Easter Exchange. We had to stitch an Easter themed ornament for our partner, send a card and a little treat for Easter.

My lovely goodies were from Christine, thank you.

Christine sent a lovely card, a very much appreciated bag of Kindle and beautiful ornament with crochet flower fastener.

Beautifully wrapped gifts from Christine 
My gifts unwrapped
My Easter Ornament stitched by Christine
My parcel travelled north to Justine. I enjoyed stitching Gill's needlecase so much I used a similar design but with beads. I had not made a flat finish before so I was quite nervous but it turned out really well.

I included a card, a bag of Daim mini eggs, two Lindt mini rabbits and the stitched egg.

The parcel I sent to Justine 
The beaded egg I stitched for Justine
I have been running a little competition on Needlecraft Haven involving the number of posts members made from January to the end of March. A fair bit of maths involved but Justine had the highest post percentage increase and Julie the highest number of posts. I sent them each a little prize - the fabric I found in Tiger was perfect for Spring.

Spring prize
Spring prize
Just before my little 'trip' I made a 65th birthday cake for our friend, he loved it - I think I'd take the younger age option !

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🐣🐇🐣 Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐣


  1. Those little 'steps' mean so much, Clare when you have suffered injuries like yours.
    I love the Easter exchange gifts that you made and received.
    I'm sure your friend enjoyed their birthday cake.
    The fabric and threads were a nice gift for Julie and Justine.

  2. Lovely exchange gifts, even the fastening on Christine's gift is crafted!
    Love the cake too.

  3. Well done on the recovery progress. Hope you can get the needed rest too. Lovely gifts from Christine and love the finish on your egg. My aim is to try a couple of flat finishes over the coming months. Happy Easter.

  4. Good for you and your husband working together and getting you all set up. :D
    Your exchange turned out very well didn't it?
    Happy Easter!

  5. Good to read that you can already do some things, Clare.
    Such great exchange gifts, the stitched ones and the chocolate ones. I have a weakness for those Lindt bunnies and eggs - and Lindor are just the best, lol.

  6. Good to see you starting to recover.
    The exchange gift you sent to Justine is lovely, and the cake made me smile

  7. Nice to see you smiley pic of you :-)
    Lovely Easter exchange gifts that were made and sent out.
    Thank you for my lovely gift

  8. Big accomplishment, you look great!
    You received a wonderful package, the pillow is so sweet. The egg you made looks great!

  9. Thanks again for my beautiful beaded Easter egg! Your pillow from Christine is gorgeous. Another successful exchange, apart from my melting chocolate disaster:-(
    I have a design picked out for those lovely threads and fabric - I might bring it on Saturday!
    You look very glamorous convalescing, hope everything is healing nicely.


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