Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A little craft work

Since my fall I have struggled to concentrate on sewing and reading but since last week things have improved. A have a check up Thursday at the hospital so fingers crossed it's good news.

So sewing wise - I have finished stitching a gift which needs final assembly tomorrow before it travels to its new home.

I also assembled my new stitch box. You can read about my old box and the stitching of my new top in my Upcycling post. Here's my new box with its new lid.

My new stitch box 
I also managed to finish April's Challenge on Needlecraft Haven. I made mine into an ornament for my church tree which will be in blue and white with a Winter Wonderland theme.

April Challenge
Vickie, whose blog is A Stitcher's Story, sent me a couple of pages from a magazine (Just Cross Stitch I think) with a lovely design for my tree. I've already started stitching, although I'm not doing the wording, thanks Vickie.

Great design from Vickie
My start
I couldn't finish posting without sharing a photo of these gorgeous hand made notelets - Gill made them and they were part of my goody bag at the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up - they are beautiful, thanks Gill

Gill's gorgeous notelets 
Thanks for calling by; I'll be back at the weekend with hospital news.


  1. Your new stitch box is so sweet. I am so happy you will be using the pattern I sent you for the tree. :D I really like the note cards Gill made. I am looking forward to wonderful news after your Thursday appointment!

  2. The design looks super on your new stitch box.
    Pretty chart from Vickie for the tree, quite a few you've stitched for it now including the latest nice challenge.
    Gills cards are always to pretty.
    Hope all goes well Thursday and you get positive news
    love and {hugs} xx

  3. Great finish on the box Clare, and the challenge piece looks lovely in that variegated thread

  4. Your piece for the box looks great as does your variegated ornie.
    Hope the hospital news is good.

  5. Nice finish on your stitching box!
    Pretty decoration. That's a great start on Vicki's tree!
    Lovely cards from Gill.
    I hope your hospital visit goes well!
    Barbara x

  6. Wonderful, your new stitch box, and so beautifully assembled.

  7. Pretty ornie and the box looks so lovely all made up.

  8. Two beautiful finishes Clare, and a great start on the chart from Vickie.

  9. Your new box looks lovely Clare.

    Lovely ornament and of course I love your new start from the chart Vickie sent you.

    Hope you are doing OK.

  10. I love the box, it's lovely! Your ornament looks great too.
    How sweet of Vickie to sent that to you, it looks great so far.
    And the cards, all look good!


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