Sunday, 16 July 2017

Scissor keep and another Winter Wonderland

I really enjoyed making the scissor keep for Gill for the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up Exchange. I hadn't made one before in this style, but found it quite easy to stitch. It is the same idea as stitching a biscornu or coaster, a symmetrical square.

stitched square

I used an online chart to stitch my square, Gill had written that blue was her favourite colour so I used DMC Satin S931 and piece of blue evenweave from my stash (although I cannot remember now if it was 32ct or 28ct). I stitched it over one and followed the chart on my tablet as opposed to printing it off.

I chose a pale blue for the lining and cut both pieces to the same size, then attached then front side together. Turning was a little tricky, especially to get the corners out. Joining two edges together to make the pocket gave a neat line which I attached a button to make a fastener. All in all a lovely piece to stitch and finish.
stitching and backing fabric

stitched with button
finished piece

complete with scissors
I have been working on my next Winter Wonderland piece - Bluebird Cabin by Country Cottage Needleworks and have today finished it. There was quite a lot of snow which took a while, I do like it but I'm not sure I'll do the snow on the others that Justine gave me as it takes so long and I need quick pieces for my tree.
Bluebird Cabin
My next stitching is ...... well I'm not sure really. I have my autumn piece for the Four Season SAL on Needlecraft Haven, I have more pieces for Winter Wonderland, I have a few test pieces to have a go at and I have a gift to do ..... so after writing this I'll be spending an hour looking at those projects and choosing which comes first.


  1. A lovely design for the church tree.
    Great chart you chose for Gill's scissot holder, pretty tiny scissors too.
    Julie x

  2. Lovely scissor keep Clare, and the winter wonderland design is very pretty

  3. I love the scissor holder, that looks like something I could manage to make!
    The latest wintery design is lovely too but white on pale fabric is always tricky! Could you tent stitch the snow to make it quicker?

  4. The scissor keep for Gill is very lovely and well done. What a darling bluebird cabin.

  5. Beautiful, Suzi.

  6. So that's how it's done! I received a similar scissor holder from Julie, also in blue, and also beautifully made! You make it sound so easy...

    I love the Bluebird Cabin - Jo has a great idea to tent stitch the snow.

  7. The scissors keep is so delicate and beautiful. You did a fantastic job in it. Bluebird Cabin is a delightful finish. You do beautiful stitching. --Andrea

  8. Oh that scissors keep is just stunning! Love your cottage finish as well, it's so sweet.

  9. The scissor holder is lovely, such a sweet finish for the square.I'm sure the recipient was thrilled with it. The cabin is a sweet stitch,I know what you mean about snow...stitch heavy, a word I learned from Jo! I just became a new follower, my friend RJ and I started a new blog and would love for you to come for a visit. Mary

  10. These geometrical patterns make wonderful scissor keeps. Yours is very beautiful.
    Nice, the bluebird cottage.

  11. The design for the scissor keep is lovely and the LHN cottages are so sweet.

  12. The scissor holder is lovely Clare.Love the cabin too.

  13. Clare, you made constructing the scissor holder look so easy that I'm keen to try it.
    The ornaments for your church tree are increasing quite quickly.


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