Monday, 9 October 2017

WIP with Strictly

Every year at Needlecraft Haven we have a SAL coinciding with Strictly Come Dancing. It has to be a WIP or UFO and we stitch along each weekend with the show and results show and if possible during It Takes Two in the week.

Whilst Tess, Claudia and Zoe are hosting on our tv screens this section of Needlecraft Haven is hosted by Julie. Our Strictly stitching is also welcome in The Parlour each week with Barb - it is so lovely having the different activities on Needlecraft Haven hosting our members.

A few years ago I started Jardin Prive's Sampler Bouquet but I only stitched as far as the border - this is how it looked when I got it out again.

Sampler Bouquet - I hadn't done much 
I've been stitching most times Strictly is on and am really pleased with how much I have managed to finish.
Week 2
Week 3
I have also finished a few more bits for my church tree - time is running out so I must focus on this for a while. We're decorating the trees at the end of November which will soon be here.

Four more baubles

Just a small one 
Autumn is coming, I love the colours of this season but I'm not so keen on the cold weather coming. Our next exchange is a little different......  more of that next time !


  1. Sampler Bouquet is such a lovely pattern. I have not even given any thought to my Christmas stitching!! Oh dear.

  2. I love the blues in your Jardin Prive chart Clare, it's beautiful and you've stitched so much! Having so many contestants in Strictly is really helping.

    I'm sure your tree is going to look wonderful but I can't believe how close we are to Christmas already!

  3. Sanpler Bouquet is looking lovely, at least you got all the border stitched the first time round. Now you can focus on the fun motifs!

  4. If your stitching is a preview of what your church tree is going to look like, it will be absolutely beautiful. I love those stitched hearts. It looks like you've been working on some nice projects. Happy stitching! Andrea

  5. Fabulous progress on sampler Bouquet Clare, and the tree ornaments are lovely

  6. Oh my - love, LOVE the blues!!! Well done!

  7. I love those blue heart baubles! That looks like such a fun project.

  8. Sampler Bouquet is looking lovely. x


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