Friday 1 December 2017

Christmas is coming ...

...... and has arrived at St Lawrence's Church as all the trees are up and decorated. The church is open every weekend until Christmas, it's a stunning sight and a big part of my festive season.

Thank you to everyone who sent an ornament for this year's tree - Winter Wonderland. I have posted about some in previous posts however these arrived too, thank you Julie, Mary and Niki.

From Julie
From Mary
From Niki
Winter Wonderland
Close up 
Snowy look
 I have again made Hubby's advent calendar and again it's a bottle one. It's been tricky getting out to get 24 bottles but our son helped and thankfully I can now drive short distances. They all look very inviting wrapped up - cheers
Hubby's advent 
I've been spoilt this year, Hubby bought me the Yankee Candles advent calander - it smells gorgeous even without opening the windows. Today's tealight was Macaron Treats and should last 6 hours - it does smell good.

Yankee Candle advent calendar
Macaron Treats inside Number 1 
My candle shining brightly
Hubby was given an advent calendar at work - it's from a German company and is the cutest advent I've seen in ages. A log cabin with windows all round and inside Window One was a Lindt white chocolate ball safely held in a plastic mould. A brilliant product that I wish we had as advent calendars over here.
What a great idea
I hope you've all had lovely surprises behind your first window in your calendar. Enjoy December with all its fun times building up to Christmas, it isn't all about stress and shopping, there are many thing to enjoy as we move through the month to Christmas Day.

Season's Greeting to you all x x 


Vickie said...

Oh Clare Winter Wonderland is just gorgeous! Well done. Love the variety of Advent Calendars.

Brigitte said...

Winter Wonderland is a great theme for ornaments - and that tree looks wonderful.

Christine said...

Wow Clare, your tree looks gorgeous.
I've been seeing a lot more advent calendars aimed at grown-ups this year. Morrison's even had a gin one - I was a little bit tempted but it was rather expensive

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The tree looks amazing! Just out of interest, what do they do with the ornaments after Christmas? Store them or sell them to raise money for the church?
I love my online Advent Calendar as much as any chocolate one!

Justine said...

Your tree is beautiful Clare. A real testament to the work you and your friends have put into it.
Love the homemade beer bottle advent calendar- what a fantastic idea!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your Winter Wonderland tree is gorgeous, Clare. I like that you and your husband buy/make an Advent calendar for each other. It's a thoughtful idea.

Julie said...

The tree looks wonderful.
Super advent calendars