Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Finally framed

Back in 2012 I took part in a Round Robin with Julie, Lynn, Tina, and Dusty. I chose Angel Blessings from Cross Stitch Gold which was my Secret Santa gift at work. As it was a large piece I just asked everyone to stitch as much as they wanted and I finished it off when it came home, it was a lovely piece to work on.

Initially I was going to make it into a table cloth and I have pulled some of the thread to make a Drawn Thread edging - however I changed my mind as the beautiful design would have been covered if used on a table.

So I have decided to frame it - really glad I did as I love it.

Angel Blessings
I also decided to finally frame a design I stitched many years ago. It's a design by Chris who used to run Aion and was a subscribers chart in one of the cross stitch magazines, I think over four issues.

I loved the garden design and how the year progressed, it was fun to stitch too but as with many things was left in the drawer. I have no idea where I will be hanging it though hee hee.

Yearly Sampler

I have manged to get quite a bit more finished on my Sampler Bouquet - it helps being able to be in the Parlour on a Wednesday night with the Needlecraft Haven ladies, although this week I have a scout meeting.
Sampler Bouquet - Jardin Privé
This year I have quite a few gifts to stitch; Gill's bookmark in my previous post was my first and I've nearly finished the second. I need to get the third and fourth done too as the occasions will soon be here.

I hope your 2018 stitching is going well - enjoy.


  1. Oh Clare!Angel Blessing is just wonderful. You need to find a place to hang that AND your beautiful Yearly Sampler!

  2. Both framed pieces are lovely, Clare. It's nice to see the progress on your Sampler Bouquet.

  3. Sampler Bouquet is looking splendid, and both your framed pieces are gorgeous

  4. Well done on the framing, how nice to finally get them done!
    Sampler Bouquet is beautiful too.

  5. Great frames, suits them perfectly.
    Sampler Bouquet is gorgeous.

  6. Oooh remember stitching on the angel RR, it looks fab framed.sampler aux bouquets is looking good too.

  7. Wonderful decision on the framing, it turned out beautiful!

  8. Great job on the framing Clare, two beautiful stitches that deserve to be out on display. I think the gardening one would look lovely in your garden room/conservatory.


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