Thursday, 22 March 2018

Special books and a special request

Special books - this year on Needlecraft Haven our Reading Challenge is based on our childhood favourites. This month is Justine's choice ..... Heidi :-)

To be honest this was on my list to nominate as I loved this story. I used to read my Mum's copy when I was younger, a beautiful book with a few colour prints in. I also read Mum's Heidi Grows Up and Heidi's Children.

I was delighted when Justine announced her choice and even more delighted to re-read those old copies. Hubby kindly ventured into the attic and retrieved all three books - they are well loved and smell of my childhood..... it's a pleasure to be reading them again.

My Mum's copy of Heidi
Beautiful inside cover - Heidi getting into bed in the cabin
and Clara in her finery 
Heidi and her Grandfather - one of the superb colour prints in the book
This colour print is such fun - one of my
favourites in the book
The lovely goatherd Peter
Heidi Grows Up - not such an ornate book
but loved just the same
The detail in the colour prints is amazing in this book too
The third book of Heidi
The inside cover pencil print, I'd love to live near mountains
Heidi, Peter and the Children 

Thank you so much Justine, I really have revisited my childhood with these books, in more ways than just the stories.

My special request - join me in a 'first blog' celebration for my 10th Blogiversary on 30th March.

I'll be sharing the link to my very first blog post - if you would like to take part please email me a link to your very first blog post and I will post up '10 years of blogging'.

It will include all the blogs/links sent so we can see how we all started - I do hope you'll join in. Huge thanks to the three bloggers who have already emailed me their links, it will soon be party time :)

My email address is 

There's no stitching this time, but Easter will soon be here which means I will be sharing photos from the Needlecraft Easter Exchange, and of course it will soon be Blogiversary time !!


  1. Oh I do remember the Heidi movie very well. I never knew about the other two books.

  2. What a lovely idea to get to read a childhood favorite book. Your books are so charming and you are so lucky to still have them. I loved seeing the illustrations. My favorite childhood books were the Cherry Ames nursing series. I often wonder if they are still in the library. I would walk to the center of town every week to choose a new book at our library. I bet it was fun reading Heidi again.

    We already signed up for your anniversary...very happy to be part of it. RJ

  3. I loved Heidi too, I still have a copy on my bookshelf, although it's not the one I had when I was a child, I don't know what became of that copy.

  4. How lovely you still have your childhood books. The graphics in it are superb. I loved that book and I loved watching the Heidi movie with Shirley Temple. That was a favorite of mine. Looking forward to your party! Mary

  5. Sorry for stealing one of your'll have to think of something else now! I'm glad you enjoyed rereading your childhood book. I think my mum still has my copy of Heidi. I read it on Kindle but should have got the old copy, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

  6. Beautiful illustrations on your much loved book, how wonderful to have all three still in your book collection. xx

  7. So great that you have that feature with the books from your childhood in your group. Heidi was also among the books that I truly loved.

  8. I seem to recognize the illustrations in the first Heidi book; I wonder if I had that copy in my hands at some point! Like Vickie, I did not know about the other two books.

  9. I read all three books as a child but I really only remember the original story.

  10. Oh what wonderful books! Janet and Anne Johnston are my favourite illustrators of all time. I just love anything they drew! Such wonderful detail. Mirabilia designs remind me of that style too.


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