Friday 22 June 2018

Whilst they play football!

I'm not a football fan, rugby is more my game, neither is my Hubby, but when there is a big tournament on he does watch. As it's the World Cup we have been watching a few games and I have been known to cheer if there's a goal. However I cannot watch the game as I do rugby so it's an ideal stitching time πŸ˜‰

Since my last post I have stitched another 60th gift and two more bookmarks but as they are gifts I cannot reveal them yet .... so what am I stitching?

Well, at Needlecraft Haven we have a virtual stitching room called The Parlour - Barb opens up each Wednesday and usually has some (virtual) cakes, biscuits or other goodies which we can all enjoy worry free πŸ˜„

Julie has been encouraging us to stitch on our ufos, unfortunately  she has been unwell for a while and doesn't always join us but she does remind us to get stitching when she does 😍

How does this for with the Football? Well I have been opening The Parlour each day and evening so those ladies also using the football time to stitch can have a little peace. It's perfect especially if listening to music using headphones - a virtual stitching world.

I am trying to get my Sampler Bouquet by Jardin PrivΓ© finished as I want to put it in our bedroom. All these gifts have slowed me down but I have decided this week's focus while the football is on will be my SB.

I did really well the other evening completing a top motif before I noticed the branches were out on the vase below - first error I have made. Most of that football match was spent frogging which wasn't a bad thing as I was finding it hard to concentrate, the crowd had those whirring noise things πŸ˜•

Before I started
Top section done - branches frogged
and restitched
The photos are not very good as they were just quick snapshots, to show our daughter on WhatsApp but hopefully you can see my progress and correction.

Last night I stitched quite a lot more, just cheering from the crowd which was much better. I am hoping to complete the vase motif tonight, I have no idea who is playing but I don't think it is England.

Quite a bit done last night
Straight off the frame so please excuse the creases
Happy stitching everyone, I hope the football is not affecting your life too much but if you do support a team I wish them good luck ⚽️


FlashinScissors said...

Oh wow, Clare! Lovely stitching on your SB. Sorry to hear the frog visited! I have a frog issue to sort out too - just one stitch but it’s ruined my pretty clouds on the beach hut piece so I will frog it tonight.😒 Not sure if we will be watching football, don’t mind a little bit but I prefer rugby too!
Have fun with the stitching!
Barbara xx

Kaisievic said...

Double wow, Clare - this is gorgeous! Maybe it was Australia playing when you were watching?

Vickie said...

Clare your Sampler Bouquet by Jardin PrivΓ© is FABULOUS!!

Mary said...

Oh my, this Sampler Bouquet is simply stunning and your so close to finishing!~

Julie said...

The perfect piece for your relaxing bedroom. Not too much to do now.

rosey175 said...

I just love the colors in this piece. I am not a Sporty Person so that would be ideal stitching time... if my husband were a Sporty Person haha. I wonder how much you can get done before it ends!

Brigitte said...

Sampler Bouquet is coming along great, Clare. Quite obviously the World Cup is motivating you, lol. I rarely ever watch football games and my husband doesn't either. So I just stitch watching one of my preferred series and when the game is over I just take a look at the result. That's it for me, lol.

Bethan said...

What an amazing sampler! Glad you are finding motivation with the football on!x

RJ said...

I love your sampler very pretty. It was well worth your hard work. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. RJ@stitching friends forever

Maggie said...

I love this sampler Clare, you haven't got too much left to do now, you should have it done in no time :-)

Justine said...

I'm enjoying the World Cup, lots of stitching time while hubby watches! I didn't realise how big your Sampler Bouquet is, it's beautiful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Neither of us are sports fans although hubby does like the Grand Prix. If it wasn't for FB I wouldn't even be aware England are playing!
Your Sampler is so beautiful, I love all the different motifs, there is always something new to notice.

Astrids dragon said...

That looks wonderful! You might be finished before the World Cup ends at this rate!

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Clare