Monday, 30 July 2018

July is nearly over

And what a hot month it has been, I have not been outside very much at all the last two weeks, by 2pm all I can manage is a little stitching on the sofa. Now it's rained it is a little cooler and easier to do jobs.

My lovely Hubby however has been working hard in the garden - thank you for all the kind comments about his plaque in my last post. I gave it to him the say thank you for being so supportive as I did Clare's Challenge 50, without him I would have not even started never mind finished. You can read all about it on my dedicated blog here.

Working in the cool mornings we (mainly Hubby) have taken down the old pergola, laid a concrete base for the new shed, assembled the shed and pushed (yes really) it into place! We have new stones and Hubby painted the old 'tete á tete' chairs, just one bit to do and a second coat and we're done. We love it so much.

This is how our garden looked in the spring last year - I can't believe how much we've done and how much bigger it looks now!

This month I have stitched quite a few more gifts, some I can share, some will have to be seen next time, some much later in the year.

Two of my friends are having tough times at the moment, life isn't always as you expect or wish and I know they are both need lots of tlc. I've been friends with my Canadian friend for many years, all over needing part of chart and asking online when the internet was very very new in the late 1990s. My other friend is the closest member of Needlecraft Haven, we've met many times, not only at the big meet ups but separately for coffee and a natter. It's been hard to meet recently with both our lives having a few difficulties.

I stitched two more blackwork bookmarks which I hope they both like, reading is a hobby we all share too.
For Brenda
For Julie
On Wednesday it's Summer Exchange Opening Day for Needlecraft Haven so I'll be back with photos of the exchange I sent and the one I received - my parcel is sitting on our sideboard waiting for the 1st, I am tempted each time I pass by but I have resisted !!


  1. Your husband is fantastic working so hard on your pretty garden. I love the bookmarks you have made...they make such lovely gifts. Can't wait to see your exchange gifts. Come by and see us ... we miss you! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  2. Wow what a fantastic job your husband has done in your garden! It really looks amazing. Two more beautiful bookmarks, you really are so generous with your time and talent.

  3. Your garden is looking lovely Clare.
    Great stitching too

  4. Your bookmarks are very pretty.

  5. Wow what an amazing garden, and great work from your hubby. Sending positive thoughts towards your friends. Lovely bookmarks x

  6. Your garden looks fantastic, very impressive!
    More lovely bookmarks, great colours.

  7. Your garden is brilliant, Clare. Nick (and you) have put in so much work.
    Beautiful bookmarks.

  8. The garden looks lovely. Mine looks like a hayfield, albeit a flattened hayfield where the boy runs around on it.

    Gorgeous bookmarks.


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