Thursday, 13 June 2019

Flaming June

Well it isn't 😂

The first of June was glorious and I moved up a colour on my Temperature Quilt, however since then it's cooled down and has been raining everyday.

Here's my progress to 7th June, I'll be stitching this week's weather tomorrow as Friday is check in day on Needlecraft Haven.

Just one day of hot weather on my Day Quilt
The temperature overnight has stayed
the same for a few weeks
Whenever she visits our daughter brings flowers, as I do when visiting her in Cardiff. On her latest trip she brought some beautiful lillies, I love the deep colour. The flowers are so huge I've had to put them where they can't touch anything else.
Gorgeous lillies
Although it's midweek our friends came for dinner. We're all retired but our, and our friend's, weekends seem to be always busy. I made salmon mousse for our starters, our main was mussels with French fries and it was salted caramel ice cream with fresh fruit for dessert. A lovely light meal for a Wednesday night.

Hubby found some beautiful napkins in Dunelm, in the sale at 63p. They look lovely, I'd like to get some more if we go in store again.

Perfect napkins
I'll be blogging again soon as the 15th is Gifted Gorgeousness time with Jo from Serendipitous Stitching and I have a very special gift to share this month.


  1. Fantastic stitching. We've been having so much rain here in Indiana too. They said we haven't had a 4 day stretch of no rain since January! Beautiful flowers and lovely napkins.

  2. You'll be using the same colour for every day this past week I think in the daytime TQ.
    Nice midweek treat with your retired friends ... however did hubby find time for work lol
    Beautiful flowers, although lillies give me bad headache.

  3. Oooo, a red heart on the Temperature Quilt!
    The flowers are gorgeous, your dinner table looks lovely too.

  4. The weather here has been nice and cool, I'm loving it! I'm sure you'll be seeing more red soon enough!
    Gorgeous flowers, what a sweet thing to do for each other when you visit.

  5. Great stitching. I am hoping at some point June will warm up (says the person sat in a jumper currently!) x

  6. Very beautiful stitching. The lilies are so beautiful.


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