Sunday, 28 July 2019

It's been HOT

We've had some very hot weather here in the UK over the last week, saying that yesterday and today it's been pouring down. 

Last week we had two days over 30 degrees, one day reaching 34 - our summers are usually mid to high 20s. It was so humid too, even with our fan on everywhere felt airless. 

Today with the rain the temperature is 14 degrees, that's more than half of Thursday's high, it feels lovely to be cool again ! 

A bonus is I got to use my 'hot' colours on my Temperature Quilts. I use the highest day temperature and lowest night temperature. The yellow on the night quilt is 15-19 degrees, that was the lowest so no wonder we struggled to sleep!

Temperature Quilt  - day
Temperature Quilt  - night
Our lounge and conservatory are nearly finished - the new laminate has been fitted and our lovely new table and chairs have arrived. We've ordered new sofas, they are the same dark colour but a slightly different style. We have new lights too which make such a difference.

Our new table and chairs
All the units are back, new carpet and new sofas coming soon
As we were going through stuff I found these two photos - do you think it's the same little girl?

The black and white photo is older .... it's me aged about 4 or 5 ..... the colour photo is our daughter Philippa when she was about 2 or 3

We are so alike in looks and mannerisms, people are always saying how alike we are but I was very surprised by these photos .... maybe because we are similar age in them.

No gardening today so it must be stitching time, thank you for popping by to read my news x x


  1. TQ looks great, the colours of the hot days really do stand out.
    The new table and chairs look very inviting. I'm sure you'll soon be enjoying lots of lovely happy times around that table.

  2. As much as I don't like the heat it does brighten up your Temperature SALs somewhat! Poor Continental Europe though; we had it easy compared to them.
    Your new-look lounge and conservatory look so inviting. Hopefully it won't be too long before you can take full advantage of the space. :)

  3. Your Temperature SALs are looking great - not so many red squares here in Cornwall.
    I have a similar set of two almost identical looking baby photos one of which is Naomi, and the other is my Mother

  4. Beautiful colors in your SAL pieces. Glad your room renovations is coming to an end. I bet you will be glad. You girls definitely look a lot alike indeed.

  5. You certainly have been having a lot of red days there! I think it's worse at night when you're trying to sleep. But at least you have some more colour to your temp quilts!
    I love your new table and chairs, the chairs are very unique.
    Awe, you and your daughter are adorable! Sometimes people say the boys look a little like me, but really they're DH's clones. It looks like you have one too!

  6. The Temperature SALs are looking so good! It is such a good idea to do the nighttime one too.
    I love your display units, I'd like bookcases like that.
    You and your daughter really do look alike! My Mum and I was most similar between the ages of 20 and 40.

  7. Beautiful colours. Those hot days were crazy! I was in Cambridge so got the delights of 38. I melted. Your display units are great, and the conservatory is looking great (from what I can see)


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