Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness - January

My first Gifted Gorgeousness of 2020 begins with a lovely gift from my Mum, in fact I now have three .... a heart shaped cushion with super soft filling.

Mum found out about these from Quitky Quilters at Redditch Hospital, I could only find Norfolk Quilters online but I'm sure these beautiful cushions are everywhere. 

They are absolutely perfect for breast cancer care, the shape gives support for any surgery.  I've slept with the heart 'dip' under my arm for the last two and a half weeks, such comfort from just keeping my arm off my scar. 

Here's the link to the 'How to make' page of Norfolk Quilters.

My comfy heart cushion
I was surprised and delighted the other day to receive a surprise parcel from Justine. She has sent me some of her charts she no longer needs in her stash, they are all lovely and I am keen to start on some. Thank you so much Justine.

My gorgeous charts from Justine
I received another parcel today, from a wine friend in Leicester. She also does craftwork and was looking for inspiration for a new project. I suggested wine glass holders for at wine tastings ..... she has crocheted one each for myself and Hubby, thank you so much Laura, you are very kind.
My wine laynard
His and hers hands free 

Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by the lovely Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. On the 15th of each month we share any of our crafts that have used or been made from any item gifted to us, any stash enhancers gifted to us and/or anything we have gifted to others.

The biggest gift to me this month has been the generosity of my family and friends in the support they are giving me and Philippa in our Dry January - Drop the Gin fundraising for Cancer Research and my hospital's Breast Care Unit.

We have avoided alcoholic drinks (did you notice the 'dry' wine glasses) and will be staying dry until the end of January. It would be lovely to be able to raise our target for each cause.

Thank you to everyone who has donated - this focus has really helped me on some tough days 😍


  1. Great gifts Clare, the heart pillow is a wonderful idea. I'm glad your Dry January challenge is going well

  2. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts. I had to giggle at the wine glass holders though as they are such a clever idea. Hope the little heart cushion continues to bring you comfort. :)

  3. What a perfect gift the hearts are from your Mum, Clare. I had no idea. I never thought of this. And those charts from Justine are just so sweet.

  4. Lots of lovely things. I just love that people chart from Justine. Adorable. The wine holders are too neat.

  5. I love the heart pillow and I'm glad it's helping! The charts from Justine are very cute, also.

  6. Hello Clare,

    The heart cushion is a great idea, something so simple can bring so much comfort to you. Have fun stitching up the charts. The wines holders will be so useful. They do remind me of crochet bikinis!

    Happy days and the best of health to you.

  7. Lovely idea on the heart cushion and so glad it's been helpful. Those are such fun wine holders and good luck with your challenge! You're already over half way there!

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The pillow is a brilliant idea. I guess you'd only be aware of the need if you'd been through it yourself.
    The wine glass holders are very amusing looking and a fun idea too! Maybe they could come in red and white for your favourite tipple? Or orange for juice in Dry January!

  9. I've not heard of the heart cushion before, i'll have to ask at the craft group as its something they could be making for our breast care unit if they use them, thanks for the link.
    I too had a parcel from Justine, she's so kind and thoughtful.
    The wine glass holder made me smile, clever idea. I bet a lot of your tasters will be wanting one of those when they see yours.

  10. Lovely heart, fun wine glass holders and great gifts you received from Justine. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  11. The heart cushion looks so comfy. It should be perfect for protecting your wound from your car seatbelt, which I found very uncomfortable after my breast cancer op. Great work with the fundraising - I hope it goes very well.

  12. Good luck with your Dry January Challenge and the heart cushion is great. I hope that your recovery is swift and sure.

  13. The heart cushion is lovely Clare. The wine holders are genious! Sending big hugs your way hun x

  14. Oh the heart cushion is a lovely idea. The wine holders are rather fun. Good luck with the rest of your Dry January - not long left now x

  15. What a sweet pillow from your Mum, the perfect feel better gift.
    Awe, Justine send you some adorable charts, do you know which one you'll start first?
    I love your wine lanyards! And you'll get to use them in a couple of days!


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