Saturday, 15 February 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness - February

Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching - on the 15th of every month we post about any item we have either gifted or had gifted or have used that was once gifted. Our posts are linked to Jo's blog so we can see each other's Gifted Gorgeousnesses.

Every year Christine (The Alchymyst's Study) hosts a competition to guess how many finishes she will have, how many books she will read and how many pairs of shoes she will buy during the year.

For 2019 I guessed 74 finishes, 47 books and 11 pairs of shoes. To my amazement I was closest as Christine had 73 finishes, read 41 books and bought 12 pairs of shoes. I had no idea I had won until this beautiful parcel arrived - thank you Christine.

I love this mini pillow 
It's our daughter's birthday on 17th but as that is my next chemotherapy treatment we visited her in Cardiff last weekend. You can read about our time away on my Aimetu's - wine, food and travel blog. 

I tried a new style of decorating for her birthday cake. Inside it is a Victoria Sponge, on top fresh blueberries and raspberries, and round the sides melted sweets (boiled fruit sweets on baking paper in a medium oven for ten minutes). It was yummy and made a refreshing change from chocolate! 

I always stitch something for her, carrying on the cake theme I found a Tatty Ted baking design. I attached it to a tin and added some cake decorating tools inside.

Friday was opening day for Needlecraft Haven's Valentine Exchange which this year has been hosted by Mary

This was a non-stitchy exchange which is always fun to do. Our exchange parcels needed to include a pair of socks with the design of hearts or flowers and be pink or red. The parcel also needed to include two skeins of thread to match the socks and a signed card. 

After a false start .... I bought blue socks with butterflies on .... I finally sent Christine this exchange parcel, I did also include some heart shaped napkins and a chocolate heart for stirring in hot milk.

Valentine's Exchange for Christine 
My parcel was from Dusty; it was wrapped in beautiful fabric and ribbon. Inside were two lovely pairs of socks, chocolate and sweets. The card really made me laugh, thank you Dusty.

My parcel and super card
Valentine's Exchange from Dusty
Another lovely month for Gifted Gorgeousness, I wonder what March will bring. 


  1. I'm so glad you liked your Competition Prize. Great gift idea for your daughter, and two fabulous exchange gifts (I really love mine)

    1. You're the star of my blog this month hee hee, glad you liked the socks .... and I gained three blue pairs too 😉

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
    The gift from Christine is wonderful. I won last year and loved mine too.
    The sock exchange is a great idea, especially when you keep the extra blue ones for yourself!

  3. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Lovely gifts received and given.

  4. That's a lovely gift for Christine and such nice pressies!

  5. The Amite stitch is just lovely!! Thank you so much, we were the recipient of your lovely Valentine stitch!! 12 pairs of shoes??? I can't imagine!!! Lovely prize for your correct guess!! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  6. Boy that was a great guess Clare. I love the Amite's perfect. You did a wonderful job on your daughter's birthday cake and gift. I know she enjoyed it. Your sock exchange looked like so much fun too. Thank you again for your lovely Valentine greeting...we loved it at Stitching Friends. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Beautiful ornament from Christine. That cake looks very yummy. Love the gift you made for your daughter. Very handy too. Fantastic exchange.

  8. Great GG post, Clare, I so enjoyed reading it.

  9. That's a beautiful finished ornament from Christine, Clare. What a lovely surprise to win it. I also like the Valentine gifts that you sent and received.

  10. Your birthday present for Philly was great - practical and craft related.

  11. Philly's cake looks delicious and I love her cake decorating tin - that's a great idea.
    It was a lovely valentine exchange.
    Pretty pillow from Christine

  12. Hello Clare,

    Hope you are keeping well. Philly's cake looks so delicious. Loved reading your posts today. Best wishes.

    Happy days.

  13. I hope all the lovely gifts you gave and received help cheer up your month. I love the present and cake ideas for your daughter's birthday and totally agree with the card! :)

  14. Wow, so close to Christine's competition! What a lovely gift to receive for getting so close.
    The cake you made looks delicious, Happy Belated Birthday to her! Awe, Tatty Ted looks adorable, what a great way to give a gift.
    Another fun exchange, I love all the socks!


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