Saturday, 10 April 2021

Fully Finished Objects in April


Rachel, Ten Hour Stitcher, hosts Fully Finished Objects for us to show and tell about the crafty items we have completely finished. These are the pieces I finished in time for this month's check in. 

The first FFO is my JCS SAL ornament, this SAL is on Facebook and is hosted by Jo. The design for March was Snoelle by Linda Jeanne Jenkins. I slightly padded it which is why it doesn't look flat in the photo. 

My other two FFOs are for my 12 Days of Christmas SAL. I'm stitching along with Jo on Facebook and the members of Needlecraft Haven. I'm stitching the designs by Jardin Prive and Plum Street Sampler.

I do have some more finishes but they are for a friend and I don't want to share until I have given them to her. I'm hoping I can include them in April's GG. 

It's a special day today as 36 years ago tonight I was in the Hawthorn Tree pub in Coventry in my Scout Leader's uniform selling raffle tickets 🙂 A lovely chap bought a ticket, he didn't win the raffle but I think he did win first prize ... me ... it was the start of our many adventures 😃 

Hubby and I have had an amazing 36 years, so many memories, so much fun, a few tears but so much joy and laughter 🤩🤗😂 I'm so glad he bought a ticket and changed my life 🥰 there's more adventures are still to enjoy 🤗


  1. Wonderful finishes this month!

  2. It's so satisfying to see FFO stitching. I didn't manage any this month.
    Lovely photo montage of you and Nick.

  3. Great finishes Claire. Happy anniversary to you both!

  4. Lovely finishes and congratulations on the anniversary! I've actually known my husband for 36 years and even have a photo to prove it. But we didn't get together until 21 years later!

  5. Clare: Happy Anniversary, what a lovely couple you are.
    I hope you have another 36 and more together.
    Very pretty finishing on your designs.
    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Claire! Loved seeing you two together through the years! And your finishes are so cute. Hope you enjoy many more happy years together! ♥

  7. Congratulations on still being together for 36 years! It is nice to see another happy couple. My husband and I started dating 37 years ago, we'll be married 33 years this June.

  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments are very cute! I love your photo collage. Happy Anniversary and I hope you have 36 more! ♥♥

  9. beautiful finishes. Happy anniversary..what a cute way to meet your soulmate!!

  10. Congratulations on 36 years! That's wonderful. I love those finishes. I really must get started on the 12 days, I keep meaning to and get distracted.

  11. Pretty finishes Clare, I love the Noel pattern. Congrats on your anniversary, and thank you for sharing your photos


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