Friday 25 July 2008

I do love my hubby

He's such a star - he has found and bought me a cable to connect my mobile phone (it's a few years old) to the pc to save my photos. When we were in Holland in 2005 it was the only way we could take photos on our day at the zoo as the camera batteries ran out (typically). I have been so worried that if my phone died I would lose these and other photos but hubby came to the rescue :)

Here are just a few (I apologise for the grainyness of some of them)

We were amazed how open the zoo was - look how close Philippa was to the giraffes.

This was pets corner, Michael and Philippa loved this part, the goats were so cute and very, very tame.

The zoo was at Emmen and was fabulous, there were no tiny cages and in the centre there was a huge area of open space with giraffes, zebra and many other animals all roaming free. The edge of the area had been loser and a high wall built before the ground leveled off for the public (I'm not very good at explaining that but you can see it on the giraffe photo) This is their web site but it's only in dutch or german, you can still get the idea though.

And finally.....................................

this is a photo of my baby boy who we sadly lost last August, the house and caravan are certainly a quieter place without him. He was a cheeky chappy who made sure everyone knew he was there and fussed him, including the mum's at the school gate - he would nudge their hands if they didn't notice him LOL.

So thanks to hubby I now have all my phone photos and as you can see some are very special indeed.


Karan said...

DH's do come in useful sometimes. LOL
Lovely pics - can't believe how friendly those giraffes are!
Many thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. :0)

Daffycat said...

Wonderful photos! Hugs to DH for saving the day!

Julie said...

WTG DH, they do have their uses sometimes LOL

Great pics!