Monday, 14 July 2008

Life is a garden

This was my Kit Exchange at the Nuneaton Meet Up I organised back in April. I have only just finished it tonight, mainly because I've had so many other things to make. I am going to turn it into a small hanging.

It's the final week at school this week, I can't believe I have been there over 6 months. I don't miss college at all and am so settled in my new job. It will be nice to start in September as then I can plan a whole year and not just pick up someone else's work.

And big bonus with my new job is the 6 weeks summer holidays. I am away most of it - either at our caravan or in France but I will try to post up when I get a chance.


  1. A lovely finish, I love the colours of the threads....

  2. What a fun design and also sweet little bracelet below. Have a lovely summer break

  3. You have received an award...please collect it from my blog :)


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