Friday, 21 November 2008


It was DD's school certificate night last night for last years leavers. They all received their GCSE certificates and awards for achievements. We were invited so guessed DD would also be awarded a prize although she is only in Year 10. Well she was ... she received the Fire Fighters' Shield for Outstanding Service to the School during Key Stage 3 (years 7 - 9). This award is given to the student who is most helpful, always volunteering to do extra things and generally being kind, good natured and caring about others. We are so proud of her - well done Philippa.

I have received some more ornaments - they are all so lovely, very beautiful stitching. They were sent by Christine, Barb, Chris and my mum (photos are in that order) Thanks ladies they are fabulous -this tree is going to look so good.

I have been to the hospital again today - to see the Occupational Therapist for some help with my right hand and arm. It's been numb for a long time due to the MS and I rely a lot on my eyes to see what my hand is doing. Anyway I have to see her for 6 weeks and do some exercises at home. I also rang the MS Nurse this week as my right leg has been playing up - it's getting to the point where I could chop my right side off LOL. It does slow me down when the MS rears its head which is why I haven't been online much this week. Hopefully things will improve.

I made this card for Helen who left school this week for a new life in the Isle of Wight. It is the first time I've done decoupage. I had to do a little bit then rest as it is quite fiddly and difficult for my hand but I'm really pleased with it.

Thanks to everyone for helping with the Christmas Tree and for reading my blog.


  1. Well done Phillipa - it's a great achivement although she probably thinks she didn't do anything special ?
    The tree ornaments a re looking really good - the tree will be wonderful - will be great to see a picture of it all decorated.
    Bad luck on the MS , hope the physio helps
    Take care

  2. Beautiful ornaments to receive. Enjoy!

  3. Copngratulations to your DD.

    The tree is going to be gorgeous, I hope you post pictures of it when its done

  4. Congrats to Phillipa, well done.

    Grogeous ornies, cant wait to see this wonderful tree.

    {{big hug}}

  5. Hi Claire,

    Hope that right side behaves itself for you! Don't give up praying for help, its what keeps us all going.
    Your church tree is going to look wonderful, well done you for organising such an event and for doing do much yourself.
    Love and Blessings

    Chris x

  6. Oh this tree is going to look stunning you will have to take lots and lots of pictures.

    I do wish I had the time to stitch one for you Clare but as things stand I will be lucky to get my gift stitching done.

    Maybe next year if you do it again.

  7. Helen this is a very busy time of year and I only received the info in autumn but once I've done this year I will know what to expect next year so can get my them ideas and things made a little sooner. Please don't worry about it - your gifts are important and I'm sure will be loved by those receiving them

  8. Another well done to your DD - a very pretty young lady too.
    So many gorgeous ornies & a lovely card - am enjoying my catch up & revisiting the pics. :0)


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