Saturday, 15 November 2008

Two more ornaments and a celebrity

I have received two more gorgeous ornaments for the tree - one from Sally and the other from Jan. I have been quite overwhelmed at the number of ornaments that have been sent - you are all so very very kind and I will be extremely proud to decorate the tree with all this beautiful work.

Today DH, DD and I went to the NEC to the Crafts for Christmas and Hobbycraft Show. I really enjoyed looking at all the creative ideas. I did buy some card making bits but nothing special, just some more blanks and some sheets of patterned paper. DD did see a beading embezzling tool she liked which she fancies using fro her textile coursework. The one at the show wasn't quite what she wanted so I'll have to look on the internet.

The highlight of the day was meeting Jonty Hearnden from Cash in the Attic - not that we are fans of the show but because we share the same surname. He was very chatty and said he hadn't met another Hearnden before. DH has been researching his family tree for quite a while and although we haven't found a direct link to Jonty they do look simillar. He gave DH his business card so they can keep in touch by email and see if there is a matching family ancestor.

Tomorrow I am going to the Fabric Guild warehouse in Leicester with mum so it will be a few hours so stash buying - what a chore for a Sunday morning. The main things I need are some more backing fabrics, some glitter glue, some fabric glue and anything else that catches my eye. I will add a lsit of goodies to my next blog.

Have a good weekend everyone, thanks for reading my news.


  1. 2 more lovely ornies.
    How nice to think you might be related to a celeb .. when i read your title, i thought you'd seen Gok again LOL
    Have fun tomorrow, cant wait to see what you buy.

  2. 2 more pretty ornies....

    well done on your celeb

  3. Lovely ornaments. Have fun fabric shopping

  4. Lovely ornament you received from Jan.

    Hope you enjoyed your fabric shopping:)


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