Monday 8 December 2008

Back at last

I am finally back in the land of the living - I have felt terrible the last two weeks whilst on (and coming off) the steroids. Over the weekend I have finally found a clear head and feel I can function properly now - before I was living in a semi-drunk kind of world - which would be fine if I'd been enjoying the wine too.

There is so much to catch up on I haven't has chance to read everyone's blogs so best wishes if you need them and a hug to you all at this busy time of year.

First I had a wonderful evening last Monday when I met Julie for a coffee at a nearby shopping centre. We chatted for over an hour and it seemed like we'd known each other ages. It certainly made me feel tons better- thanks Julie.

I will be decorating the church tree on Thursday and have had some more gorgeous ornaments. The first is from my friend Maria in USA, the second is a beaded Santa from Cathy another USA friend, the third is a beaded one from Elaine my friend who works at college, and the fourth is from my secret (as yet) partner in the JA Christmas Ornament Exchange. DH has bought me a set of lights, and mum has given me loads of tinsel, so everything is ready to put up on Thursday. I will be adding photos so you can all see both my tree and all the others.

Church details for those wanting to visit :-
St Lawrence's Church,
Church End,
Ansley Village,
Nuneaton CV10 0QR

The church is open 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st December - 10am until 6pm - admission £2

I haven't done much stitching but am working on a stocking for DS as this is his last visit from Santa - I can't believe he's 18 - and I still expect him to be awake all Christmas Eve with excitement - hee hee.

Thanks for all the get well messages, happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, So good to hear you feeling more your normal self honey. I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of the tree you are decorating.

Christine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. The tree is going to be lovely, I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures

Nicola said...

The tree is going to look wonderful Clare! Glad you are feeling better.

Julie said...

More lovelies for the tree, can't wait to see it all decorated.
Take care {{hugs}}

Karan said...

Glad the effects of the steroids have worn off - good to see you back. :0)
Those ornies are gorgeous. So looking forward to seeing the tree pics. Have fun decorating it. :0)

Chris said...

Hi Claire,

Lovely to see you back and hope you are feeling heaps better, I was getting quite worried about you..
The tree and all of them look fantastic what a wonderful sight.
Happy Dances for you for getting it done in spite of you not feeling 100%
Loves Chris x