Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas update

It's DH's birthday today - Happy Birthday - we've had a lovely chinese meal and a quick trip to a local brewery for some traditional ale, he's definitely had a good one :)

Stitching news - I received a beautiful card from Pam for the JA Stitched Card exchange - thank you.

I also received this very effective stitched card from my friend Hege in Norway - thank you.

and this is the Christmas stocking I have been stitching for DS. Now he is 18 Santa will not be leaving a sack of pressies but I have stitched this as a keep sake and it will have in it a bottle of his favourite beer. Santa is also leaving the usual socks, book and calendar. I just have the rest of the beads to attach then I can get the machine out to sew it up.

Stefan's Christmas Stocking - The Drawn Thread

Just to be Christmasy this is our tree with all the gifts waiting for Thursday - they are mainly the ones from us to family although there are some interesting packages with our names on.The cards by the fire are all DH's birthday ones, I had to lift them off the mantle to put my candles on.

As you can see I love snowmen, so we have snowmen sitting on the tv and a Hearnden snowman family on the mantle - the likeness is really good isn't it hee hee.

I hope you all have a really festive time, wishing everyone very Merry Christmas.


  1. Lovely cards and I love the stocking.

    I'm rather jealous of your snowman family!! LOL!

  2. Happy Birthday to DH

    Lovely cards and Christmas decs.

  3. Beautiful cards, and I love the stocking

  4. Hi Clare,

    Happy Birthday belated wishes for your DH; my birthday was the
    20th, I always put my cards on my piano as there are christmas cards every where else.
    I hated it being so close to Christmas when I was little but now older I don't mind one bit!
    Lovely idea for a stocking for your son, just right for a bottle of beer!Hope you're feeling much better.
    Happy and Blessed Christmas
    Chris x

  5. Lovely cards & your home is beautifully decorated too - bet everything is all packed away now. :0)


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