Sunday 25 October 2009

This week's news

It's been a bit mixed this week.

I had been waiting all week to have a meeting with our new Head (he wanted to see the five Learning Mentors altogether).We have all been worried our job roles would change, listening to other colleagues and previous meetings with senior management lead us to think this. Anyway he finally asked to see us Friday, which was a teacher training day. Worry over for now anyway - he wanted to discuss our job titles and salaries as we have to all be inline with other school (we're paid more at the moment) and he was just warning us things may change sometime next year. Although this is not really mgood news I was expecting far worse so left feeling quite relieved.

My dad has shingles so this week I have been looking after him again. He hasn't needed much really just a few more visits but it all takes time. We saw him today (you'll see later) and his rash looks much better.He is also more chirpy and not so tired. Hopefully he is well on the mend.

My weight is going up again :) I cannot seem to get back on the diet but I must. DH, Ruby and I are going the caravan for three days (yes no kids) so I'm going to really try hard and do lots of walking too.

Yesterday we went to Reading to watch London Irish v Leiester Tigers. A colleague at work had some free tickets but could not go and gave them to me. DH, DD, DDBF and I set off just before lunch - good job as the traffic was terrible, probably because of the half term hols. The match was ok but Tigers lost - I'm not sure I like seeing them in their away kit either, they look like Coventry City Sky Blues LOL. We all had a good day though :)

Today is DS 19th birthday and we've had a lovely time. MIL and her partner popped round earlier (they did not want to stay because of dad's shingles - I'm sure he's ok but they do worry). DSGF and DDBF came round as did my mum, step-dad and my dad. I cooked New York chicken with jacket potatoes and veg, and did lemon meringue pie or autumn fruits pie for pudding. We had a good laugh playing on the Wii sports and Ruby was very good. The four youngsters all get on well and it was nice to hear lots of laughter around.

No stitching news but I am hoping to get some done at the caravan - hopefully :)


  1. Hope the job pay thing isn't too bad for you all. Gentle (((((((((hugs))))))))) for your Dad - hope he feels much better soon. Glad you had a good time at the game, despite the result. Belated Happy Birthday to your DS - sounds like you all had a good time. Have a great time at the caravan. :0)

  2. Hope the pay cut isnt too hard for you.

    Birthday wishes to DS, where did the year go since we were seeing pics of his 18th?

    Get Well Soon Dad


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