Sunday, 30 January 2011

January Monthly Challenge

Today was reveal day for the Needlecraft Haven Monthly Challenge -  Des Filles et une Aiguille ... by Tralata

This is my cat - I made it into a coaster :)

Fabric - 32ct evenweave Ivory
Thread - DMC 115 varigated
Christine has already put the February Challenge up - guess I better get stitching LOL

I had a great day today - I spent the morning making cards - one for the Sweet Feet Exchange on NH and 10 for the 2011 Birthday Thread Exchange, again on NH, I really enjoyed sitting making them whilst watching the tennis - maybe next time Andy. I can't share the photos just yet.

I am working on an Elliot design for DD's birthday - it's a lovely heart but her birthday is on 17th Feb so I have to get going. She has been really poorly this last week - she's had this awful flu and has been knocked off her feet for five days now. She is getting better but it's taking a long time.

WIP on Elliot - 30st Jan 2011
My new forum Needlecraft Haven is 1 month old tomorrow and I have designed a little chart as a thank you to all the lovely members. If you haven't popped by yet just apply for membership and I'll authorise it - you'll be able to browse around then and see all the fabulous things we're doing.

Thanks for popping by, happy stitching.


  1. Your challenge piece is gorgeous. Lovely new start on Elliot. Hope your daughter gets well soon.

  2. Great finish Clare, it's so pretty.

  3. Your coaster is adorable. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  4. I love your cat coaster, beautiful

  5. Lovely finish on the Challenge. My first thought was a coaster too, but a minor miscalculation on the fabric front made it come out too big and I had to rethink!
    Hope DD is better soon

  6. lovely finish Clare. Congratulations on the success of the forum

  7. Love your cat coaster Clare. So cute.

    Nice WIPs too.

  8. Great minds think alike, the challenge screamed coaster to me too LOL

    Hope Philly is soon 100%

  9. Have seen this Challenge in the Flesh it's gorgeous hun.

    Was great seeing you on Sunday, thats for the Cuppa.

    Hope Philly feels better soon

    Hugs xxxxx

  10. Cute coaster Clare.
    This flu is really taking its toll on everyone, hope your DD is feeling better. Hugs!


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