Friday, 14 January 2011

Prize, Forum and Mr. Darcy

I decided to give away the Sue Hillis Christmas Calories chart as the prize for the Christmas Quiz on Stitch and Stash. I stitched one of the cup cakes as a small ornament to go with it - Jaclyn was the lucky winner - and now the prize has arrived I can share the photo.
Sue Hillis Christmas Calories
I have done lots of stitching this week, mainly because Ruby is in the kennels so we''ve had quiet evenings. We're having the bathroom done and Ruby would not have coped very well with all the noise - she's home Sunday and although the bathroom isn't finished it's the quieter jobs now. I've really missed her, even though I know within an hour of her being back I'll be run ragged.

I can't share my stitching because of lot of it is for gifts or can't be shown until a reveal day.

The forum I started New Year's Eve is growing strong. Needlecraft Haven has 65 members and three of them have been talking so much they have already become Lilac Haveners - it is certainly becoming a lively place with many SALs and the first Robin flying already.

Wednesday DH and I went to see The King's Speech - a fabulous film for which Colin Firth deserves an oscar (as does histwo co-stars). Even at the cinema we applauded when it ended - so so good. I love colin Firth ( we share the same birthday ) and seeinghim againreminded me of Mr Darcy and a pub I went to last summer.

DH and I stopped at a pub for lunch before picking Philippa up from her netball camp. I popped to the loo but had a huge surprise. It was just one cubicle. You need to understand the layout so I've drawn it here - toilet door open - toilet on the left.

I went in the loo, looking towards the toilet and closed the door with my left hand so I did not see what was behind me. I was amazed to see the walls painted like a river scene. These are pictures facing the loo.

It's it amazing - such detail - I was very surprised and spent a while looking closely at the art work - it was soooooooooooooo good. Anyway I eventually sat down (I won't go into details LOL) and when I looked up I could now see the wall that had been behind the door (hidden from me as I entered) - and there in front of me was Mr Darcy !!

No joke - Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) staring so intently at me - and I'm on the loo !!!!!!! I have to say I could only look at his feet LOL I did feel uncomfortable with Mr Darcy watching me, but the painting was so good, here's a closer view.

I can't remember the exact name of the pub but I think it was The Red Lion near Pangbourne Near Reading in Berkshire. It really was a treat and now I've worked out how to get the photos off my phone I can share him with you - enjoy

Thanks for stopping by, happy stitching (oh and look behind you when you go the loo LOL)


  1. What an amazing painting, definitely not what you would expect when you go to the loo, lol.

  2. A blog entry with a diagram of a toilet, theres a first, LOL!
    That artwork is awesome. Did you send DH to see if Lizzie Bennet was in the gents? (I bet she was, the little minx!)

  3. Congrats to the Jaclyn. Great artwork.

  4. Oh yes Colin Firth....Mr Darcy...gorgeous :0)...lovely piccies

  5. I've seen that toilet before on a blog! It must be a famous loo. x

  6. Great painting, i think i would have had to 'go' with my eyes shut LOL

  7. That is just too weird and funny about the wall!!!

    I have been wanting to see "The King's Speech" since Christmas. Now I know I will go see it!!!

  8. I'm lovin' that cross stitch pattern!

  9. Cute Cross Stitch and I'm laughing at that bathroom. I've been in painted bathrooms but that would be a little awkward with a painting staring at me!

  10. wow, wonder if hubby will mind a roadtrip to Berkshire :) What great art work.


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