Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Happy Dance

I have finially finished my square on my JTHC Round Robin - with Hazel, Julie and Tina on Needlecraft Haven. It wasn't a lot of stitching but I ran out of DMC 869 and had to root through my stash where I thankfully had a spare. I need a few bits in town today and hopefully then I can make it up too.

JTHC RR - stitching completed
I have been working on my Summer Holiday Exchange - with NH- my partner sentme a gorgeous design which I am enjoying stitching. Here's my progress so far.

Summer Holiday Exchange
Last weekend I spotted this fab vase in TKMax - I did suggest to Dad we could fill it with red wine or a huge trifle - it did make him smile  but he didn't say no LOL

New Vase
Well I'm packed - no trouble fitting it into my bag - not sure how DD and DH are doing. Just 2 more sleeps and we're off :) Thanks for sharing my news xx


  1. Your RR is great Clare. How are you going to finish it? The Summer exchange looks very pretty.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. I absolutely adore your RR. How are you going to finish it. Your summer exchange is coming along great. What is only 2 more sleeps?

  3. Your RR is gorgeous Clare as is your summer exchange piece.

    Love that vase.

    Have a fantastic holiday:)

  4. Love your RR and the exchange, both are so pretty.

  5. The summer exchange piece is so pretty and colourful.

    Have fun on your hols!


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