Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 first finish

I decided to theme my mantle every month or so as I have many lovely things and would like to display them now and then. This month's theme is a tenuous link to France as we are doing a few french things this month. France means wine so I have my Partylite iced crystal trio out as they look like wine gasses, especially when the candles melt. My gorgeous Winter Exchange from Fee is also on show.

I spotted The Drawn Thread pocket calendar charts which I thought would fit the mantle perfect. I have already finished January (good job really) and have the February chart ready to go. I need to find a mini easel now to display them on.


January Mantle
Now it's time to start some other peices and tomorrow night is Parlour night on NH :)


  1. Super finish and great idea.could you use a small plate stand to put it on, they come in various sizes and readily available at lots of shops. Xx

  2. Lovely finish Clare.
    I agree with Julie, a plate stand would be ideal

  3. A great finish. I was going to suggest a plate stand. They sell them at Wilkinsons, if you have one near you.

  4. Lovely finish Clare. It looks gorgeous on your mantle.

  5. Looking really good on the mantle Clare. Great idea too. See you in the parlour.


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