Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow time = stitching time

We've had snow since Friday - in fact school was closed 10.30am on Friday so we could all get home.Yesterday DH and I walked into town to do a little shopping, it was very picturesque but I was very glad I had my wellies on.

Today we have had constant snow since 7am - we should have been going to The France Show in London to enjoy a day of francais living and hopefully book some good deals on P&O ferries or My Ferry Link. Unfortunately the weather has beaten us which is very disappointing as we have paid for our tickets already and booked a wine tasting seminar.

So instead I have been sorting a few more of Dad's papers - some are easy, they go straight in the shredder or recycling; some make me smile; and others make me pause and think a while.

I have been doing a few bits of stitching but there is only one piece I can share here as the other pieces are for gifts - although two of the gifts are for people who are not members of Needlecraft Haven (yes really hee hee) so I will be sharing on the forum.

Anyway here is my progress on A Place We Call Home which I didn't do on Wednesday in the Parlour but did a little yesterday.

Please stay warm and safe if you have any snow - happy stitching x x x


  1. Parlour stitching is growing nicely.
    The snow looks wonderful out the window!
    My wellies were in use yesterday morning, nanny went on the sledge to see Isabelle lol. Xx

  2. Your stitching looks great. I haven't ventured out since Friday afternoon.

  3. Lovely stitching Clare. Sorry you had to miss your show

  4. Hello! Returning the following. I love your idea of a themed mantle. I try to swap my displays around but inevitably forget to do it on the first day of the month and it's still Christmas in parts of my house!

  5. The winter is a perfect time to make stitching progress!

  6. Love your WIP and can't wait to see the other things you are working on.


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