Friday, 11 October 2013

Cathey - so sad

I'm very sadden this morning to read Cathey of Pumpkin Patch & co has passed away - I only new her from blogging but her positive attitude, thoughts for others and continuous upbeat always made me smile.

At the end of last month I was honoured and pleased to put up a Pumpkin for Cathey on Aimetu's Stitching - as did many, many more bloggers - a very small thing (organised by Daffy) to show our love.

I pray for Cathey's family and many friends - and also that soon, please soon we will discover a way to prevent the devasting threat we all face. is a petition to ask the UK Government to put more research into pancreatic cancer - if you are UK based please read, sign and spread the word - If you are overseas - is this also a forgotten side of cancer in your country?

Rest in peace Cathey - God bless.

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  1. Hello Clare,

    That was so lovely especially as you have a link for your part of the world. Health research is so important for us and those in the future.

    Have a lovely day.


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