Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October is here !

Autumn is here - if only on the calendar because we still have some gorgeous sun, although the weatherman says the rain is coming.

On the way home from taking Philly back to University in Wales we stopped at Abergavenny  The indoor market was amazing and had veg hanging from the ceiling - all made of fabric.

They were absolutely amazing, so real looking. I do find the Welsh towns have great community ideas - but Nuneaton did have a successful sunflower trail this year for the local hospice so hopefully more will happen here next year.

It was Orts Day on Needlecraft Haven yesterday - here's my growing collection for this year.

September Orts
I have been decorating at Dad's and we nearly have the upstairs done :) we have some major work to do downstairs before I can decorate there but it gives me a chance to sort out the garage/shed/outhouse before the real cold starts. Over the weekend I did the front garden, we decided to gravel the rose bushes as the weeds seem to grow so quick. The roses are very old and this year had a caterpillar munching on them but hopefully they will recover next ear - we did replace two.

The garden in the early summer

And now we've gravelled it
I don't have any stitching news as I am busy stitching the coaster for the Needlecraft Haven Autumn Exchange - and then I have a spooky ornament to do for their Spooky Exchange.

I hope October starts well for you all and the weather doesn't bring us too much change. Thanks for calling by, I do love reading your comments, thank you.


  1. Wow! those veggies looks so wonderful, what a great idea and so creative, I wonder who made them?

    The front garden looks lovely.

    Happy 'secret' stitching.

  2. Nice job on your Dad's garden.
    Those giant veg are fabulous!

  3. Wow they are fantastic veg art!!
    Roses are lovely!


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