Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Beatiful gift

What a surprise this morning when Postie came - Dusty very kindly promised me a copy of Just Cross Stitch 2013 Christmas Ornament magazine and seeing the parcel was from her I thought that was what it was.
I love this magazine so eagerly opened it ... BUT ... this was inside:
A stunning crochet table topper
Beautiful hardanger ornaments
JCS Christmas magazine, Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine
and Nordic Needle Hardanger chart
Such beautiful gifts and such a surprise - thank you Dusty. The ornaments were for my Miss Tree at church (the annual tree decorating) but I am not taking part this year as we are away when they set up and take down, so I'll e hanging them on our tree and using them next year on Miss Tree.
I haven't opened the magazines as I am off to Dad's in a minute to do some more decorating so I have them to enjoy later with a coffee. No doubt I will see things to do and want to start straight away.
My rotation stitching is going really well and I do think I am doing much more stitching. Here's my plan:

Saturday - Strictly UFO with Julie and Mr Stick on Needlecraft Haven
Sunday - Strictly UFO with Julie and Mr Stick on Needlecraft Haven
Monday - exchange piece (whichever I am working on)
Tuesday - The Drawn Thread monthly (I am very behind with this)
Wednesday - Santa's Village with Miss Barb in The Parlour on Needlecraft Haven
Thursday - exchange or gift (again whichever I need to do)
Friday - finishing, kitting up, general sorting, anything I fancy or am behind on 
I'm on week 5 and have completed my exchange piece for Needlecraft Haven, a gift for our friends we're going to Spain with, half of my Drawn Thread July and started my Santa's Village tablecloth.
Santa's Village
Drawn Thread July
I have to pop up the attic today to get some craft bits I want so I can finish off a few things and kit up my Welcome RR ready to start plotting that for the New Year.

Thanks for calling by and again thank you Dusty :)  


  1. Wow what an awesome surprise in the mail!

  2. A gorgeous surprise. Lovely stitching. Glad your rotation is working for you.

  3. Such lovely gifts that you found in the package. You're a lucky girl.
    Great for you that your rotation is working so well. Visibly well, lol.

  4. I am so happy the parcel arrived safely. You can keep the Ronnie's for your tree and think of me, I will make new ones for the tree next year. Enjoy both of the mags and the ornament chart. I had them as extras and was delighted to sure them with you. So glad your rotation is going so well.take Re my friend. xxx

  5. What lovely gifts. I think I need to organise a rotation stitching plan. Never seem to get round to the UFO's and have a drawer full.

  6. Fabulous parcel from Dusty, lucky you.

  7. What a gorgeous gift from Dusty.


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