Sunday 3 November 2013

Fabulous Day - as always

Yesterday was meet up day for Needlecraft Haven members - I cannot believe it's been 10 years since I organised my first meet up (not for NH back then) - they are days that I thoroughly enjoy and yesterday was superb.

We had a goody bag exchange on the theme of Sparkle and Fizz as it's nearly Bonfire Night. I made appropriately named cup cakes which Julie helped me hide raffle tickets underneath. The good y bags were given corresponding tickets - everyone chose a cake and then had the bag that matched their ticket.

Here's all the bags and my cakes - ready for picking :)

Ready to go - Sparkle and Fizz Goody Bag Exchange
My lovely bag was from Lindsay - it has a beautiful sparkly bauble, some great ribbon which I am saving for a special project as it's jut gorgeous, a beaded pen and a bottle of bubbly - drinkable bubbly !! Thanks Lindsay :)

Sparkle & Fizz Goody Bag from Lindsay
We also had a Mystery Book Exchange where we all wrapped a book we have read, loved, found in a charity shop or had had recommended. There were many different wrappings and sizes of books.
Mystery Book Exchange
My book from Tina
I picked the white wrapped book on the right of the table which was Pandora's Box by Griselle Green - Tina's book. I'm sure I've heard about this from somewhere but I can't remember where. It certainly looks another great one to read, thanks Tina.
The members of Needlecraft Haven often complain about the adverts being there - unfortunately ;-/ I can't see them, maybe that's because I am the forum owner. Anyway it's $6 a month to have the forum ad-free which members have very kindly been contributing. I decided this time that the raffle money would go towards paying some of the ad-free charges - here's all the raffle prizes everyone donated.
Donated raffle prizes
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets we have enough money for 5 months ad-free membership.
I had a really lovely day - thanks to Julie, Lynn, Lindsay, Rachael, Tina, Maggie, Jane, Lisa and my Mum for making it another great Meet Up - it will soon be spring and another chance to meet and stitch.
I did do some stitching but not lots - I mended the edges of my hardanger tablecloth which has unravelled a little in the wash and because it was Saturday I did some of my UFO Angels.
I have stuck to my rotation really well this week - I have done quite a bit on my next exchange - started my July Drawn Thread piece - plotted my Santa's Village tablecloth and worked on my UFO. Finishing Friday was very successful this week as I finished the cup cakes for the meet up hee hee
As well as cakes for us I made the pub staff some Little Ghosts as it always seems unfair to bring cakes in for us and not them - especially as my son was on shift yesterday. Here's their ghosts and a close up of my sparkly ones.  
Little Ghosts
Sparkle and Fizz
 We had a great day yesterday - I hope you've enjoyed reading about it - and if you're a Needlecraft Haven member why not join us in the spring :)


Julie said...

I had a lovely time, you spend ages looking forward to it and then in the blink of an eye its all over.

I think I have heard a recommendation for that book too. Hope you enjoy it.

Barb said...

Great post Clare , what a great time you all had , one day I promise I will get there. Super cakes they would have been so tempting , just not the same eating an apple lol.

Lesleyanne said...

A great post. Glad you all had a lovely time. Your cakes look gorgeous.

Tina said...

Had a lovely time,and yes Lesleyanne they were delicious as are all the cakes Clare makes.
Thankyou for organising Clare
Hope Barb can come to the next one


Stitchabilities said...

Yes it was a great time, Thank you Clare for organising it

Christine said...

The meet up looks wonderful Clare, I wish I lived closer.
The cupcakes look pretty wonderful too.

Kate said...

Glad to hear it was another successful meet up, hope to be able to make it to the next one.

Maxine said...

Looks and sounds like a lovely time was had by all :). I really wish I lived nearer to other stitchers so that I could go to meetings ;)

Sally said...

Glad everyone had a great time Clare :)

Brigitte said...

A stitching get-together - even with a book exchange. Sounds terrific! I think you all had a wonderful time.