Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Busy needles and busy fingers

January is half way through already and I missed the first week or so having an unwanted visitor - flu. It's a good job our sofa is cosy and I had my stitching and Kindle to keep me occupied.

The Needlecraft Haven Meet Up exchange was a huge success. The forum was buzzing with posts about who was stitching, who had forgotten !! and finally who had posted and received a parcel. Opening Day was 10th January.

As I organise most of the exchanges on NH I usually know who is sending to me but this time we had chosen our partners on the day - everyone wrote their name, address and a few details in a card and we randomly chose a card each - so no-one knew who had who.

The exchange was to stitch an ornament with a saying on that suited your partner, either from knowing them or from the details they ad written in the card.

I was very excited about opening my parcel .... this was my superb gift .... from Rachael.

It's perfect - just me !!
This is the ornament I stitched for Tina - I stitched it over one to keep the writing scrolly and I know Tina loves her stitching shops and stash enhancing.

Ornament for Tina
I have stitched the start to my Welcome RR and will be posting it to Dusty today or tomorrow. It always takes a little longer to travel overseas. I'm really pleased with how it's started, the design is one I have had in my stash for many years - it's quite simple and easy to stitch. My RR is in two pieces as once finished I can hang either summer or winter up depending on which 'time' we're in - so as the clocks change so will my welcome banner.

W on my winter banner
W on my summer banner

So far this I have stuck to the Stitch from Stash challenge - I haven't bought anything and have used my fabric and ribbons from my stash in the attic. I have started two new pages at the top of my blog - one listing all the other stitchers taking part (thanks to Mel for the full list) and a page showing the items from my stash I have used. It's only early January but I have already used quite a few things.

I have been, and will be, very busy with Scouts as this year is our group's100th birthday. Over the year we will be doing 100 different challenges - you can read all about my challenge on my Aimetu's blog. I have had two promises so far and hopefully will have a few more.

I have also been looking through Dad's papers for old scouting photos - if you are on face book the group page is Past and Present Scouts 1st Ansley Hall - Nuneaton North. Here are a couple of my favourite photos.

1st Ansley Hall scout band - my Dad is the big bass drummer
My first camp - St Asaph, Wales 1966
Mum and Dad are far left and I have centre stage - can you see me?

Taken at Bovington Tank Museum whilst on camp at South Down Farm
Ringstead Bay, Weymouth - Dad is the tallest leader and I'm a bit obvious!!
Dad's house is virtually finished - just a few finishing bits which is a good thing as we have a tenant !! I am amazed how quickly someone saw the house and said yes at the rental price and are moving in 1st Feb. We do have a few things in the back garden to finish but we have agreed to do that in the warmer weather. It's been hard work and at times quite emotional. Next month I'm going to sort out an online and printed photo album to show the progress of the house, and the printed one will have a few more photos of Dad in - I'm looking forward to having time to visit relatives and chat over some of them.

It was a bit of a mixed blog this time - I hope you enjoyed my varied news. This Friday we're going to a Michael Buble tribute night and Saturday we are in London for the France Show - I'm so excited as last year we missed it due to the snow.

Thank you for calling by and sharing your thoughts  - happy stitching x x  


  1. Lovely exchanges both sent and received. Great pictures.

  2. Lovely exchange Clare, I'm looking forward to seeing all the RR's when they are done :-)

    I know how hard you have been working on your dad's house, It's great that you found a tenant so quickly!

    See you soon x

  3. I'm back to my blog Clare after a long layoff. Hope you will be able to visit. love your exchanges - give my love to Ursh.

  4. Lovely exchange received,and I love mine,so me!
    Looking forward to seeing piccies of all the work you have put In to your Dads house.
    The RR is going to look fab when finished.
    Hugs xx

  5. Both exchange pieces are gorgeous Clare.
    I loved seeing the old scouting pictures

  6. Hangs head in shame... yes, I was the forgetter (is that a word?) lol.
    Great pics of the scouts, good luck in the challenge, 100 years is amazing.
    You created a lovely piece for Tina and Rachaels to you was so perfect.

  7. Lovely stitching Clare, and what lovely memories of your Dad in those photos.
    Chris x

  8. Lovely exchanges Clare. Love both what you stitched and what was stitched for you.

    Lovely photos.


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