Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Plenty of progress

A week into 2015 and my rotation is going really well. I've stitched on all my pieces and will have another finish in a day or two but as it's a gift you will have to have a peek later. I have been able to share it on Needlecraft Haven as the recipient is not a member hee hee

I can however share this gift I made earlier in January for my stitching friend Gill's birthday. It's a simple but effective beaded scissor fob and I hope to do more beading this year as well as my stitching.
Beaded scissor fob
My weekend stitching is UFO time with Julie and Mr Stick (our Needlecraft Haven task masters who help us all finish those left behind project) I'm working on Drawn Thread October and did not have a lot of time this weekend as it's also gift stitching time. However my October house now has a roof and there is a black cat residing.

The Drawn Thread - October
Last Wednesday I was in the Parlour with Miss Barb and the other ladies working on LHN, CCN or Sampler Girl designs. There is some lovely work being done, I am using the Parlour to do my tablecloth as it's going to be a long job and the Parlour ladies certainly make it a cosy friendly evening's stitching.
Santa's Sleighworks - CCN
My tree at church next Christmas will be on the theme of Joy to the World. I did include a photo of my main ornament in my last post and I have now started my first ornament. It's from Just Cross Stitch - a page from a magazine I had saved in my stash.

Joy ornament
I have also started the Monthly Christmas Challenge that Christine chooses every month - this month's a actually a New Year ornament, it's lovely.

Later this week is the blog posting time for Gifted Gorgeousness, I will post on the 15th but there will not be much to say as like I said earlier because items are gifts they are not sharable when working on them hee hee

Have a lovely week, thank you for calling by Aimetu's Stitching - I do have another blog about my travels and other things if you'd like an extra read - Aimetu's our latest trip was to Portsmouth. 


  1. Lovely stitching Clare. I had my hand slapped for forgetting the parlour last Wednesday so must make sure I'm there tomorrow. Lol!

    Gorgeous fob.

  2. Great progress Clare, the fob is really pretty too.

  3. Lovely stitching Clare and the beaded fob is really pretty

  4. Oh great that your rotation is working so well. I have also been able to stick to my stitching plans so far. A nice feeling, isn't it?
    Great projects you are working on.

  5. You've achieved a lot getting back to your rotation. Long may it continue lol x

  6. Omgosh you have a lot on the go.. good luck with the rotation.. good idea for your Tree this year, I shall keep an eye out for something suitable to stitch for it.
    Chris x

  7. Very nice progress on all Clare. Well done. x

  8. Lovely update Clare, always lovely to see progress.


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