Thursday, 22 January 2015

Stitch from Stash January 2015

I really enjoyed taking part in Stitch from Stash 2014 and was so pleased when Mel said she was running it in 2015 - thanks Mel (and team). I did really well in 2014 as most of my spend was on exchange items - here is my year overall.

And so 2015 begins : there are a few changes this year, mainly it's split into two six months and as January starts the first of those here's my first Stitch from Stash 2015 report:

Month: January
Spent: ZERO
Earned: £16 
My budget carried forward to February is: £41

I will be using English pounds £ as my currency throughout the year. I am hoping to use much of my stash again including finishing fabrics and trimmings although this year they are not included in the budget. Each log I will count anything up to that day, if it's stitched but is a gift or exchange I will count it but full details and pictures will be in my following SFS15 report.

My stitching from January 1st to January 22nd was:

Baked Goods - Lizzie Kate - those of you following my blog or Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness will have already seen it - it's here if you missed it. The chart was a gift from Barb; I used 28ct ecru fabric and DMC threads both from my stash. To fill the ornament I used my 2014 orts so stuffing was free and the backing fabric and cord were also from my stash - a completely free finish. I earned £4 on this finish.

I have finished another Lizzie Kate design which is a gift so I am unable to share this month. I earned £8 on this finish and will share all the details as soon as I can but all fabric and thread was from my stash and I bought the chart in 2014.

I have also finished the bookmark required for the Needlecraft Haven Autumn Meet Up Exchange. Again I am unable to share any details other than the chart was free online and again fabric and threads were in my stash, as was the backing fabric - another completely free finish. I'll be able to share this next month as the exchange date is February 4th. I earned £4 on this finish.

I don't have any other finishes this month but plenty of starts. I have another gift, the NH monthly challenge and Valentine's Exchange for Needlecraft Haven which are all pieces I cannot share just yet but I have been working on my Santa's Village tablecloth.

Santa's Sleighworks completed
Santa's Stocking Store started
I have not included my Santa Tablecloth in my SFS15 budget as they are not really completed as I have not yet stitched the white areas. I have nearly completed a few houses in a row and will then do the white for those and tack protective cloth over the top whilst I finish the rest of the tablecloth. It's going to be a long long project.

I have also been working on my Drawn Thread October piece. This is my weekend work on my rotation plan as it then fits with UFO stitching on Needlecraft Haven with Julie and Mr Stick. Weekend's are my slowest stitching time but I am getting bits done slowly.

Drawn Thread - October
I do not belong to the TUSAL but I do collect my orts and as I mentioned earlier I use them to fill an ornament at the start of the following year. Here's my 2015 collection so far.

Orts - 22nd January 2015
I've visited many new blogs recently thanks to Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness and Mel's Stitch from Stash. A big 'hello' to anyone new reading Aimetu's Stitching - thank you for calling by.


  1. tee hee! The stockings for sale in Santa's Store are adorable.

  2. Great update Clare, not sure I have my head round the "earning" side of SFS2015 yet. Planning my update at the weekend.

  3. Well done on not spending anything this month. I don't I will ever be able to manage that.

    Love your stitching and your orts!!!

  4. Well I missed the sign up again! Whoops. Well done on a spend free month. Lovely progress too.

  5. You did well last year, hope this year is as good.

  6. Great report, love your stitching projects too!

  7. Lovely stitching Clare, and well done on sticking to your no spend rule. Good job I didn't join in, I'd bought a chart by Jan 2nd!

  8. Very well done for this first month. And you even earned some money. I think I have to reread these rules about earning money so my budget gets a bit bigger after a while, lol.

  9. Your're off to a good start on Stitch from Stash, Clare.

  10. Wonderful WIPs. Great Stitch from stash, too

  11. Well done on your SFS Clare.

    Lovely stitching as always. Your Santa's Village is looking brilliant.

  12. Congratulations on the zero spend. Santa's Village looks good, what count is the fabric?

  13. well done on the spending


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