Sunday, 24 February 2019

February progress

Just a quick update on my February progress. I had a few days of no stitching but I have finally completed the second free chart 8n the Winter Challenge on Needlecraft Haven.
Free design from Aliolka
I have mounted it on a box lid ... more details about what it is for later in the year.

Here's my progress (still on the frame as I am mid stitching) on La Pensèe Positive from Jardin Privè 

I am up to date to the 14th with my Temperature Quilts. I have recorded this week but I might not get them stitched for a while. This is how they look so far.

Day time

Night time
Just a few days left and it will be spring, how quickly the days go, it is nice to see the sun a little more and see the bulbs growing.


  1. Very pretty looks the small pattern, and fits perfectly on the box. Great idea with the Tempreraturen - capture them at night. I completed my SAL last year and chose only the day temperatures.

  2. Love your first finish in the first picture. It looks lovely and so great that it is free. I think you need to make the first letters in your blog post a bit bigger. AriadnefromGreece!

    1. Thanks Ariadne Ithink I have fixed it, Blogger does not always do what is asked 🤔

  3. Lots of lovely little crosses you've been putting in Clare x

  4. Beautiful finish and great progress. The stitching looks great mounted on the box lid.

  5. That's a beautiful freebie finish; love the colors! Your braiding looks super neat around it too.

  6. Great finish on the bullfinch!

  7. That's another lovely freebie, I believe the bird is chaffinch. The Temperature SAL is looking good too, you must have some hot colours for this week!

  8. Such a lovely finish, I love the colours.
    I like the colour difference in your Temperature SAL, bring on spring!

  9. Lovely stitch and finish on the bird stitch. And your tulips are so beautiful...what a striking color. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever


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