Thursday, 28 March 2019

Everywhere is progressing

Last Thursday I had my bandage off and stitches out revealing two 8inch very neat scars. My ankle feels like my foot again and I am walking almost normally around the house. It does swell so still needs plenty of elevation and I can't walk far but already I am starting to feel like I did before my fall in April 2017.

We're still sleeping downstairs in the conservatory, as we are not overlooked we only have roof blinds. It's getting light at 5.30 so not too early and this Saturday our clocks go forward an hour so we'll be able to sleep in a bit. 

The garden is progressing into spring, being north facing it takes a few weeks into a new year until we get sun so our bulbs and flowers are a little behind. Everything is now starting to bloom, I'm expecting them to all come out this weekend .... typically we're away but I'm sure they will still be out on Monday when we get home. 

Lady Clare camelia - this should be red but after its first
year it has always bloomed white - stunning flower 
There are so many buds this year
These came out one at a time,
three great colours
DH moved these into the sun to encourage them to bloom
Our fig, new to the garden last year
My finally piece of progression is my Temperature Quilt, a SAL with my friends at Needlecraft Haven. I've stitched up to the 25th March on both pieces.

The temperature is forecast warm today and tomorrow so I'm hoping the yellow will appear again on my day quilt. Because there is no cloud the night temperature is dropping so the light blue may be needed again on my night quilt. It's so interesting to see the changes and the stitch design is very clever, I'm really enjoying this SAL.

Day Time Temperature Quilt 
Night Time Temperature Quilt 
It is nearly the end of March, that's three months of 2019 already. This Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK - best wishes to all the Mums - and Monday being the 1st April is April Fool's Day so watch out for the spoofs!


  1. I am so glad you are doing well with your ankle Clare. I hope your are not in a lot of pain?

    1. Thanks Vickie, there is no pain at all, a little stinging and the occasional twinge but compared to before it's nothing

  2. Feel all the best soon! AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Glad you're healing and still stitching. The temperature SALs look great. There should definitely be more yellow as spring seems to have definitely sprung... at least for this week! :)

  4. Glad to hear your foot is improving so well!
    Your temperature SAL’s look great, first time I’ve seen a night time one!
    The garden is looking good too!
    Hope you are soon back to sleeping upstairs!
    Barbara xx

  5. Glad to hear that your leg is healing nicely. I don't think we could sleep in our conservatory- the Dawn Chorus would be waking us up far too early!
    The Temperature SAL is looking good.

  6. If we had a conservatory, I don't think I would ever leave it! Glad you got the itchy cast off and things are healing well.

  7. Glad your leg is healing well.
    Your white camellia is gorgeous

  8. Nice to hear your ankle is doing much better. Your garden looks great. Still way way too cold here for anything to grow so I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pics.

  9. Stunning and healthy looking camellia.
    Foots looking good as is the temp quilt stitching

  10. Has is really been a year?! I'm glad to hear you are truly on the mend, don't overdo it!
    Your garden flowers and plants are lovely, come on spring.
    The temp charts look good, bring on the colour!

  11. I'm glad your ankle is on the mend. The temperature charts look really good - it's interesting comparing day and evening. Fingers crossed you got the chance to put more yellow into it


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