Sunday, 7 April 2019

Temperature Quilt - first three months

I cannot believe three months of 2019 have gone by. I have just completed my two Temperature Quilts to the 4th April. The evening temperature is dipping again with a frost one morning and although we had two days of warmth it turned cold again with flurries of snow!

Day time quilt
Night time quilt
My other stitching recently is for an exchange, a challenge that is revealed at the end of the month and a special birthday gift so I cannot share any of those just now. I will have a few things to share next week for GG 2019.

The garden is looking lovely with a few more blooms appearing which is good as we are still sleeping downstairs. We've been decorating our bedroom the whole two years since my fall... we had started it before and to be honest I lost interest. So while the bed is downstairs we are finally getting it sorted.

I took these few close ups on my phone, I'm quite pleased with how they came out.
Double daffodil
It's 4 weeks since my operation and two weeks since my stitches were removed and I was allowed to walk on my foot. It's been slow progress but I am now walking unaided, can get my boots on, walk up/down stairs and manage about half way around Lidl. My ankle isn't painful but sore and swells quite a bit. The movement in my foot is great, so much better than with the metalwork so I am hoping once the scars heal and the swelling stops I will be back to how I was before my fall which was 2 years ago today.

The scars are healing really well although they are quite sensitive so wearing socks is a little uncomfortable, I'm hoping the weather does warm up soon for more reason than the colours on my quilts.


  1. Well, those few spring days were nice while they lasted weren't they?! Hopefully more yellow will appear in the Temperature SAL soon. Good luck with the foot and walking; being able to walk up- and down stairs is a big achievement. :)

  2. Lovely garden pictures Clare and your temperature SALs are looking good. Glad your ankle is improving

  3. So glad to hear your foot is doing better. Lovely photos of your garden beauties. Love your temp quilts.

  4. Both temp quilts looks super.
    Lots of pretty spring blooms in your garden
    Good news the ankle is improving with each passing day

  5. Lovely quilt stitches Clare. Your garden look wonderful. Glad to hear your foot is healing. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  6. Your quilts are lovely, I'm glad to hear your on the mend!!!

  7. Lovely work on the Temperature SALs. Nice to contrast the Highs and Lows.
    Glad that your foot is healing and you're able to get about a bit more now.


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